Frigidaire refrigerator error codes

The American company Frigidaire specializes in manufacturing of refrigeration equipment and other home appliances for nearly 100 years. Refrigerators Frigidaire are among the best ones in the world. Their functionality, ease of use, ease of operation and original design can be appreciated even by sophisticated buyers. Below is a table of Frigidaire refigerator error codes.

Frigidaire FGHB2866PF refrigerator error codes

-- OPOpen FF Thermistor
OP --Open FZ Thermistor
-- SHShorted FF Thermistor
SH --Shorted FZ Thermistor
SY CFUl to Main Control Board communication failure; on start up
SY CEUl Main Control Board communication error; after a period in operation
SY EFEvaporator Fan Failure

Frigidaire LGUB2642LF2 refrigerator error codes

Freezer DisplayFresh Food DisplayError Condition and Corrective Action
IceEr1 M/RAM Error. Check J4-4, J4-5 and J4-6 Connector on Icemaker board. Check J4 connector at Main Control board. Check 15 pin inline connector at control board, Pin#’s 4,9 & 14. If all connections test good, replace main control board.
Icet3TH3 Sensor (open or short) Go to flow chart for Ice t3
IceCEIM Com Lost. Go to flow chart 50C. Put into service mode to verify.
Freezer DisplayFresh Food DisplayError Condition
OPNormalFreezer Sensor OPEN
SHNormalFreezer Sensor SHORTED
NormalOPFresh Food Sensor OPEN
NormalSHFresh Food Sensor Shorted
SYEFEvaporator Fan Failure
SYCECommunication Error
SYCFCommunication Failure