Replacing the cooler fan in the refrigerator

refrigerator fan repair

First of all, it should be noted that only an experienced master with special equipment is able to identify the cause of incorrect operation of the refrigerator is the fan that cools the motor-compressor. We will only describe the process of replacing the cooler fan in summary.

So, it is known that there are some fans in refrigerators: the fan of the system know-frost, fans driving the air in refrigerator compartment (for example, in refrigerators of “air shower”), the fan of cooling the motor-compressor.

The last fan is located next to the motor-compressor, i.e. at the bottom of the refrigerator. To get to it, unscrew the back “camouflage” panel, unscrewing the 4 mounting screws.

replace refrigerator evaporator fan

After removing the panel, we will see evidence of faulty fan blowing – lumps of dust and dirt, which we have to clean up carefully before replacement. Use the vacuum cleaner.

After testing the fan by multimeter, make sure that the problem is in it.

how to replace a refrigerator fan

Remove the faulty fan. Most likely, the fan coil will be burnt out: the fan starts to work flat out because of the abundance of dust or wool and if there are animals at home. Dirt particles interfere with the normal operation of the fan, and the coil burns out.

Install a new fan and make a reassembly.