Samsung refrigerator all error codes

Samsung refrigerator all error codes

Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 4e

This error code suggests failure of the freezer defrost sensor. In many cases, replacement is the only solution. However, it may also occur due to loose wiring. Check it and fix it, if necessary. If that is the case, the error can be cleared.

Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 5e and 5

This error suggests a defrost sensor failure and/or power outage. First, try to clear it by resetting your refrigerator several times. If it does not work, check the defrost sensor and, if necessary, replace it.

Error code 5 signals an ice maker issue. Check the device itself and its wire harnesses. If necessary, disassemble the device and check each part separately. If you see no positive result after reassembling and reinstalling it, replace the device.

Samsung refrigerator error code 6e

This is Ambient Sensor error, which may occur after a power outage. To clear it, press Power Freeze and Power Cool (or two top left and right side buttons, if the panel on your fridge is different) simultaneously and hold them for about 15-20 seconds. Usually, this simple resetting brings a fridge back to normal functioning.

Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 8e

This error occurs due to an ice maker sensor failure. Usually, it means that the sensor is disconnected or not functional. Check the wiring and the sensor itself. You may need to replace the whole thing or part of it. Contact Samsung, discuss the problem and follow their advice.

Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 23e

First, this can be a condenser fan error signaling a problem in the fan’s work. Please, check it and make sure it is powered properly and is operational. Also, check condenser fan to be sure it is getting power and working properly. If it is not, repair or replace the fan.

Second, this may be a control board or wiring harness issue (if it is, the previous action will not work). Check the board and wire harnesses using a multimeter. It is not unlikely that the control board has to be replaced.

Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 25e

This is a defrost error. To fix it, check the defrost timer and/or control board and take action if a problem is detected.

Samsung refrigerator error code 33 e

This error does exist, and it arises from improper functioning of the water fill tube heater. In most cases, this happens when a refrigerator is moved around. Therefore, if your fridge has been through a ride or changed position in your kitchen, check the water fill tube. The wire wound around the tube is the water fill tube heater. Now you can start clearing the error. To do so, press the Lighting and Energy Saver buttons simultaneously and hold them for about 8-10 seconds. Thus you will reset your display.

Also, the error may occur due to physical impact resulting in dents and damaged insulation. In this case, a professional help is required. Whether it can be fixed or part of your fridge (or the entire fridge) needs to be replaced depends on the extent of damage. If you have dented your fridge, please, do not use the heat-and-freeze way of fixing it! This will result in the foam insulation melting, which can constitute irreparable damage for a freezer, to say nothing of the ruined appearance.

Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 39 e

This is an ice maker sensor error, and there are three things you can expect.

First, the problem may be in and/or around the ice maker itself. Please, check all connections around the ice maker (wire harnesses, water line, etc.) The error may signify failure of the ice maker itself. It will not tell you what exactly has failed in it, and you may need to take it apart and check every little part of it. Once you detect the problem, contact Samsung and discuss the issue with them. They may provide a new part even if it is not under warranty.

Second, this may be related to lack of water in the ice maker. Check the water line and its elements that are adjacent to the ice maker. If it does not work, the ice maker may need to be replaced.

Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 40 e

This is an ice room fan error, which denoted that the fan is not running due to a disconnection. It is recommended to check the wiring and the main circuit board.

Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 84c (84e)

This error signals a rotor lock. If there is 84E on the display, it is a very bad sign: the entire DC three speed compressor may need to be replaced. The only way to get to the locked-up rotor is to get into the compressor. Because it is a sealed and actually least accessible part of a Samsung fridge, it takes professional experience to do that. Only a licensed person can recover the refrigerant (Freon). The error code appears on the digital display due to a voltage shift resulting from the rotor lockup. When this happens, an inverter control board activates the error code (the inverter control board flashing is just another indication of the problem). Some users say that it is possible to clear the error by replacing the inverter control board itself. Over the past decade, many home appliances have shown lower reliability and become less durable.

Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 85e (as well as 83e and 86e)

This group or errors may arise from power outage (83e) and resulting current instability at the PDA Inverter. All these errors can be cleared by resetting the entire unit. Unplug it, wait for about 1 minute and plug it back in.

Samsung refrigerator error codes 88

If you see 88 88, 83E, 85E, or 86E on your Samsung fridge’s display, do the following: turn it off or unplug it and wait 3 to 5 minutes. Then turn it on or plug it back in to reset the system and clear the codes. These codes may occur due to improper functioning of the PBA inverter.