Samsung refrigerator error code 22E

Samsung refrigerator error code 22 e

The indication of the 22E Code on the display of your Samsung refrigerator is usually accompanied by an uneven distribution of cold air inside the fridge. So most likely when you see the 22E alphanumeric combination on the screen, you will have one wall of your fridge warmer than others and one — with too much ice on it.

What can cause the 22E Error?

The 22E Code is a signal, that something went wrong with the fan of your device. There might be several explanations — starting with the fan’s impeller and its blades, the malfunction of the motor or damaged wiring.

Besides the fan itself, a clogged or plugged drainage system and the ventilation hole can cause the same error indication on the display.

Another possible explanation is the failure of the melting system of your device, but in this case, the code is accompanied by a 5E (or SE) combination.

And, of course, there is always a chance of getting the error on the screen in case the control unit damage.

How to fix the 22E Error?

Samsung refrigerator error code 22 e drainage system

As usual, the first thing to do is rebooting the machine and resetting the error. Try to just give your device a 10-15minutes rest, leaving it off and unplugged. If the code is still there after you switched it back on, simultaneously press and hold (for 10 secs) two upper buttons — PowerFreeze and Lighting. If nothing changed, start the examination of the fan and the elements it is connected to.

Samsung refrigerator error code 22 e remove fan

The fan is located behind the back panel of your freezer, so you have to remove the wall to get access. Sometimes melting ice with the hairdryer is necessary. Wipe the camera dry after melting ice and taking the back panel out. No, when you can see the fan, examine its impeller first. The blades could be damaged by clogged with ice, dirt, or foreign objects. So clean them properly, install the fan back, let it rest for 10-15 minutes, and see whether the code is still displayed.

Samsung refrigerator error code 22 e inspect its impeller

If the blades are ok, check the motor of the fan — just try to rotate the impeller manually and if it goes with ease, then the motor might be damaged. You can whether replace it with the new one or check the bearings — maybe they just need to be lubricated.

The next step is to check the wiring with the multimeter. Some contacts might have been burnt out, or some connections — loosened, so check everything very carefully and clean, replace or fix the wires that need it. Also, check the evaporator contacts and the circuit analyzer.

That’s it with the fan, so if it’s not about it, then the reason is in the circuit board or melting system. But before starting to test them, check the drainage system for clogs. If there is one — simply defrost the elements of the system, thoroughly clean and wipe them dry. Same with the ventilation hole — defrost, clean, dry.

If the 22E Code was accompanied by 5E, check the defrosting sensor. It is placed behind the back panel of the freezer, so to get to it you will have to melt the extra ice from the walls. Use the hairdryer and then dry everything with the towel.

Clean the contacts of the sensor and check it with the multimeter. If it’s out of order, it has to be replaced. So don’t forget to take photos of how it was connected, not to mess anything up.

Another element to check is the thermal controller, which can also affect the system and cause the 22E Error code appearance. The voltage has to be around 110.

If none of the above steps helped you in getting rid of the 22E code, contact the service center for professional diagnostic and repairs, as there might be serious problems with the control unit or one of its elements.