A few reasons why Maytag ice maker not working

If the owner of the refrigerator has an urgent need to repair the ice machine, then he needs to know about the principles of its operation and the amount of ice it produces. This device, as a rule, gives out its products every couple of hours. If its supply occurs hourly, then it has a high power. But the first option is just too bad.

Typically, the generator produces 80-175 units per day. If the equipment has just been turned on, then you need to wait one or two days before the container is filled. But all household appliances are different and therefore a similar period is also different.

Whirlpool stops functioning

List of reasons why Whirlpool stops functioning

At the end of the article, a detailed process for testing the main parts of the ice machine will be presented. But now it is necessary to consider the most important situations that cause problems in his work.

Freezer temperature increase

Inside this chamber must be at least zero degrees Fahrenheit at all times. If this value increases rapidly, the ice maker will not be able to effectively dispense the required cubes. Therefore, when the temperature in the freezer becomes too high, you need to lower it a little.

It is also worth checking the condition of the condenser coils. It is necessary to find out if dirt has got into them. It is also important to make sure that the condenser fan is working properly. You should also look at the frost on the evaporator coils. If there is ice present, the defrosting part is most likely damaged.

The functioning of the ice maker is closely related to the temperature of the freezer. If it ceases to correspond to the given values, it will not work. Therefore, to normalize the cold regime, you should check that the chamber door is closed at least half an hour before testing.

Freezer temperature increase

Water inlet valve failure

This part is an electronically controlled valve that opens to allow liquid to flow to the dispenser and ice maker. Sometimes it gets damaged or lacks pressure. Then it stops working the way it should. Such difficulties provoke the absence of frozen cubes. The valve requires approximately twenty pounds per square inch to be fully functional. Therefore, first it is worth checking the level of pressure passing through it. If it is in perfect order, then it is necessary to take a multimeter and monitor the electrical power entering the intake.

Without turning it on, you need to check the resistance of the coils by using the device, which is normally equal to about 500-1500 ohms. If the valve pressure corresponds to it and the current flows properly, but the ice machine refuses to work, then the part in question should be changed.

Forming thermostat failure

There is another common reason why a Whirlpool refrigeration unit is able to stop making ice. It consists of the fact that the mold thermostat is damaged. This part is considered very important as it helps to measure the temperature of the finished product tray. When the appropriate temperature is set in it, the ice maker gives it out and refills the mold with liquid.

To check the thermostat, you need to take a multimeter and check the amount of continuity. If it is zero, then you need to change the thermostat. The algorithm for such an action is presented in the following way. Necessary:

  • disconnect the equipment from electricity;
  • open the freezer door and remove the ice basket from it;
  • raise the generator shutdown lever;
  • find two fixing bolts on the side wall and, without unscrewing, loosen them;
  • remove the part;
  • disconnect cables from it;
  • close the chamber door and place the device on a suitable surface;
  • remove the front wall from it;
  • disconnect the shackle;
  • remove fasteners at the bottom of the head;
  • remove it completely while holding the extraction lever in place;
  • pick up the thermostat that appears;
  • put a new one in its place and start assembling the ice maker in reverse order.

Module failure

All vital parts of the Whirlpool are equipped with a motor that drives the frozen cube ejector levers. They also turn the tray so that it dumps them into the container. When the thermostat reaches 15° Fahrenheit, the engine releases its output. At the end of the cycle, the generator supplies electricity to the liquid inlet valve to refill the tray. If the module is damaged, then ice will not be produced and, accordingly, will be dispensed.

The first step is to check the correct position of the relay. It is also necessary to examine, if any, the ejector blades for sticking cubes in them.

There are a number of steps to follow to replace the generator module. First, you need to turn off the electricity. Then you need to open the freezer door and remove the ice basket. Then you need to remove or loosen the fasteners holding the part in place. Then lift it up and remove the cables connected to it. The chamber door closes.

Next, for convenient work, you need to go to a suitable place and remove the front cover of the device. Then unscrew the 3 screws holding the control module in place. Then you need to remove the locking lever and remove the module. After that, it is worth aligning the D-shaped shaft and installing a new element. The knot is also assembled step by step, only in the opposite direction.

Ice Level Control Board Malfunction

Ice Level Control Board Malfunction

There is another breakdown that causes the Whirlpool refrigerator to stop making ice. It is associated with damage to the level control board. Such a component gives a signal to the machine that the container for finished products is full. The best way to test such a part is to use a multimeter to check the continuity of the circuit. If there is no continuity, then it is necessary to change the specified element according to the following scheme.

  1. Turn off the electricity.
  2. Open the freezer door and remove the 2 side access panels to the chamber.
  3. Remove the screws and get close to the control board.
  4. Unscrew a few screws holding it.
  5. Pull out the cover and set it aside.
  6. Remove the cables from the part.
  7. Move to another panel and remove the fasteners.
  8. Follow all of the above steps to remove the second control board.
  9. Change both and reassemble everything.

It is easy to purchase kits online that contain both of these elements at once since they must be reinstalled at the same time.