A few simple steps if the LG freezer not freezing

The LG freezer allows you to significantly increase the shelf life of many products. This is due to the fact that the temperature in it drops below zero. However, sometimes she gives her owners an unpleasant surprise and stops freezing. Even high-quality equipment does not guarantee the absence of unpleasant surprises.

In case of a breakdown of the LG freezer, it is worth checking it for the most common breakdowns:

  • the condenser coil is dirty;
  • frozen evaporator coils;
  • defective evaporator fan motor;
  • the starting relay is broken;
  • the thermostat is out of order.

If you find that the freezer has begun to freeze food poorly, then the first thing to do is to visually inspect it. The cause may be a loose fit of the door. Inspect the rubber seal and check its integrity. After all, maybe the chamber is working normally, and all the cold comes out of it.

In this article, we will analyze each of the reasons listed above in detail, as well as provide answers to the most common questions from LG freezer users.

Capacitor coils are dirty

The design of the freezer requires the presence of a refrigerant that absorbs heat and cools the system. To perform this function, the refrigerant must cycle through the condenser coil. These coils are placed on the outside of the device, as they get very hot.

Capacitor coils are dirty

Most models are equipped with additional condenser fans. They accelerate the passage of air past the coils, thereby accelerating the process of heat transfer. In the case of accumulation of dust and dirt, heat transfer is much slower. In especially advanced cases, this can lead to the fact that the freezer will stop freezing altogether.

The good news is that solving this problem is very simple. To do this, you need to perform a number of simple steps:

  • remove all dirt, dust and debris with a vacuum cleaner;
  • old dirt clean with a brush.

After that, the freezer will start working correctly again.

Frozen evaporator coils

The cooling system of the LG freezer has two sets of coils. If the first set is necessary for the transfer of heat to the environment, then the second is responsible for cooling. This set of coils is located inside the unit, and it is he who is designed to create the desired temperature inside.

Frozen evaporator coils

The coils will not work properly if a large amount of ice freezes on them. Deposits interfere with the flow of cold air, due to which the temperature in the freezer begins to rise gradually.

Freezer manufacturer LG has taken this into account and equipped them with a built-in automatic defrost cycle. They turn on once or twice a day and remove unnecessary ice on the coils.

If frost is found on them, we can say that the defrost cycle is not working correctly.

Manual defrost is the solution. As soon as all the frost and ice melts, the freezer will be ready for operation in the previous mode.

Faulty evaporator fan motor

The evaporator coils do not work autonomously. They perform their function in conjunction with a fan that drives air next to the coils. Also, a fan is needed to evenly distribute cold air throughout the freezer.

Over time, all parts of the camera wear out. The evaporator fan motor is no exception. In addition, a short circuit, as well as damage caused by sudden power surges, can cause a breakdown.

In this case, the solution to the problem will be the replacement of the defective part. At the same time, it is more reliable to buy a new element, and not to repair the old one.

Start relay broken

We have already managed to consider two common reasons due to which the freezer stops freezing. Now let’s move on to a detailed analysis of another possible problem.

The compressor will only run if it receives a signal from the “start relay”. In the event of a malfunction of this mechanism, the compressor will function intermittently, and in some cases will stop working altogether. The result of such a breakdown will be an increase in temperature in the freezer.

There are two ways to check the operation of the starting relay:

  1. You can conduct a manual inspection and look for signs of damage. In the event of an electrical failure, you will see dark spots and you can also smell the characteristic burnt smell.
  2. Examine the relay with a multimeter. An idle relay does not pass electricity through itself. The device will notify you of this.

The defective element needs to be replaced.

Start relay broken

The thermostat is out of order

In the instructions for the LG freezer, this mechanism may be called the thermistor. At the same time, the name does not affect the functions it performs. Both of them are needed to measure the temperature inside the freezer.

Properly functioning appliance signals to the control board when the cooling process needs to start and at what time to stop. A failed thermostat does not perform this function. The system does not understand that it is time to start the cooling process, so the temperature in the freezer slowly creeps up.

The thermistor is a complex device that cannot be repaired. Therefore, if it breaks, you will have to buy a new element to replace it.

thermostat is out of order

You can verify the correctness of the problem found using a multimeter. This device allows you to evaluate the performance of any electrical component. It will help determine the health or malfunction of the thermostat. If the device detected a lack of continuity in the circuit, then it is safe to say that there are malfunctions. Install a new thermostat and operate the freezer as before.

Popular questions asked by LG freezer owners

No special skills are required to use the LG freezer. However, sometimes unforeseen situations arise, which the list of answers given in this article will help to solve.

What is the optimal temperature setting for an LG freezer
Low temperatures allow many products to be stored for a long time. Refrigerator manufacturer LG French Door recommends setting it to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. When translated into the familiar Celsius scale, the optimum temperature will be approximately -18 degrees.
The FDA, which operates in the United States of America, claims that it is at this temperature regime that the process of freezing food is most successful. It allows you to exclude the growth of the number of bacteria that make products unusable.

Why is the freezer cold but not freezing properly?
Sometimes the LG freezer stays cold but not cold enough to freeze food. Such a malfunction is most often associated with the fact that an impressive layer of dust and dirt has accumulated on the coils. The device of condensate coils involves the transfer of heat from the freezer to the surrounding space. Contamination on the coils makes it difficult to reach the optimum temperature. As soon as the coils are cleaned, the freezer will be able to work as before.

What to do if the freezer does not freeze well?
The first step is to check the set temperature. It should be low enough so that the food inside freezes. The minimum temperature sufficient for freezing is 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Residents of Russia find it easier to navigate on the Celsius scale. In this case, the temperature regime should be about -18 degrees. If the situation does not change during the day, and the temperature in the refrigerator still does not drop, then it is worth checking the condensate coils. The cause of the problem may lie in a faulty thermostat or engine.

Is it possible to reset LG freezer? How to do it?
You can reset your LG freezer yourself. To do this, you need to follow simple and understandable steps. Switch off the power supply by unplugging the power cord from the mains. You can also disable the dedicated circuit breaker. After ten minutes, the device will reset the previous settings and will be ready for a new cycle of operation. Just reconnect the freezer to the mains and use it for its intended purpose.

Can I defrost my LG freezer without unplugging it?
Sometimes users need to defrost the freezer in the shortest possible time. A pot of boiling water will help you with this. Place the container of hot water in the freezer and close the door tightly. The steam and heat coming from the pan will quickly cope with the deposits of ice and frost. If the first time it was not possible to defrost the camera, repeat these simple manipulations several times.