Aeg Fridge Freezer troubleshooting

Aeg fridge freezer troubleshooting

Aeg fridge freezers normally work without serious malfunctions. Anyway, if something like that happens, you shouldn’t start panicking. The best thing to do is to start acting. The troubleshooting guide given here helps to resolve the majority of problems. You just need to find the problem you faced and see what to do. Moreover, it explains what caused the issue with the work of the freezer.

Aeg SCE81827TS, S53420CNW2 Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting

ProblemPossible causeSolution
The appliance does not operate.The appliance is switched off.Switch on the appliance.
The mains plug is not connected to the mains socket correctly.Connect the mains plug to the mains socket correctly.
There is no voltage in the mains socket.Connect a different electrical appliance to the mains socket. Contact a qualified electrician.
The appliance is noisy.The appliance is not supported properly.Check if the appliance stands stable.
Audible or visual alarm is on.The cabinet has been recently switched on or the temperature is still too high.
The temperature in the appliance is too high.
The door is left open.Close the door.
The temperature in the appliance is too high.Contact a qualified electrician or contact the nearest Authorised Service Centre.
A square symbol is shown instead of numbers on the Temperature Display.Temperature sensor problem.Contact the nearest Authorised Service
The lamp does not work.The lamp is in stand-by.Close and open the door.
The lamp is defective.Contact the nearest Authorised Service Centre.
The compressor operates continually.Temperature is set incorrectly.
Many food products were put in at the same time.Wait some hours and then check the temperature again.
The room temperature is too high.
Food products placed in the appliance were too warm.Allow food products to cool to room temperature before storing.
The door is not closed correctly.
The FROSTMATIC is switched on.
The COOLMATIC is switched on.
There is too much frost and ice.The door is not closed correctly or the gasket is deformed/dirty.
The water drainage plug is not correctly positioned.Position the water drainage plug in the correct way.
Food products are not wrapped properly.Wrap the food products better.
Temperature is set incorrectly.
The compressor does not start immediately after pressing the FROSTMATIC, or after changing the temperature.This is normal, no error has occurred.The compressor starts after a period of time.
The compressor does not start immediately after pressing the COOLMATIC, or after changing the temperature.This is normal, no error has occurred.The compressor starts after a period of time.
Water flows on the rear plate of the refrigerator.During the automatic defrosting process, frost melts on the rear plate.This is correct.
Water flows inside the refrigerator.The water outlet is clogged.Clean the water outlet.
Food products prevent that water flows into theMake sure that food products do not touch the rear plate.
Water flows on the floor.The melting water outlet is not connected to the evaporative tray above the compressor.Attach the melting water outlet to the evaporative tray.
Temperature cannot be set.The FROSTMATIC or COOLMATIC function is switched on.Switch off FROSTMATIC or COOLMATIC manually, or wait until the function resets automatically to set the temperature.
dEMo appears on the display.The appliance is in demonstration mode.Keep the OK pressed for approximately 10 seconds until a long sound is heard and display shuts off for a short time.
The temperature in the appliance is too low/too high.The temperature regulator is not set correctly.Set a higher/lower temperature.
The door is not closed correctly.
The food products' temperature is too high.Let the food products temperature decrease to room temperature before storage.
Many food products are stored at the same time.Store less food products at the same time.
The door has been opened often.Open the door only if necessary
There is no cold air circulation in the appliance.Make sure that there is cold air circulation in the appliance.

Aeg S7401CMX2 Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting

SRFailure WarningThere is/are some part(s) Out of order or there is a failure in cooling processCall Service for assistance as soon as possible.
LFFreezer comp. Not Cold enoughThis caution will be seen especially after long term of power failure1. Do not freeze the foods that are thaw and use in short time period.
2. Set the freezer temperature to colder values or set the super freeze , until the compartment gets to normal temperature.
3. Do not put fresh food until this failure is off.
LCRefrigerator comp. Not Cold enoughIdeal temperature for Ref. Compartment is +4 °C. If you see this warning your foods have risk of spoiling.1. Set the refrigerator temperature to colder values or set the super cooling mode until the compartment gets to normal temperature.
2. Do not open the door much until this failure is off
LF and LCnot cold enough WarningIt is the combination of LF and LC Error typeYou will see this failure when first starting the appliance. It will be off after the compartments gets normal temperature
HCRefrigerator comp, too ColdThe foods starts to freeze because of the too much cold temperature1. Check if the “Super cooling mode” is on
2. Decrease the refrigerator temperature values
LOPOLow voltage WarningWhen the power supply gets lower than 170 V the appliance gets to steady position.This not a failure. This prevents any damages on the compressor. This warning will off after the voltage gets required level

Aeg RMB46211NX Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting

ProblemPossible causeSolution
It never gets cold inside.• Is the appliance unplugged?• Plug in the appliance.
Freezing and refrigerating is not sufficient.• Is temperature set to LOW mode?• Set temperature mode to MIDDLE or HIGH.
• Is the appliance under a direct sunlight or is any heat appliance placed near it?• Move to a place where there is no direct sunlight, no heat appliances around.
• Is the space between the back of the appliance and the wall too small?• Keep sufficient space (more than 10 cm) between the back of the appliance and the wall.
Foods in the appliance get frozen.• Is temperature set to STRONG mode ?• Set temperature to MID- DLE or LOW mode.
• Is surrounding temperature too low?• Foods can be frozen if ambient temperature is below 5 °C. Move to a place where the temperature is over 5 °C.
• Is the food with much moisture stored close to the cold air spout?• Place foods with moisture on the shelves close to the doors.
Strange sound from the appliance.• Is floor beneath the appliance uneven?• Move the appliance to a level and even floor.
• Is the space between the back of the appliance and the wall too small?• Keep sufficient space.
• Do any objects or other stuff touch the appliance?• Remove any object away which touches the appliance.
Strange sounds: cracking, clicking, water flowing, humming or buzzing.It is normal (if the appliance is not leveled, the sound can be louder).
Odour or disgusting smell from the inside.• Is the food stored uncovered or unwrapped?Be sure to cover and wrap the foods.
• Are the shelves and pockets stained with food stuff?Clean the interior parts of the appliance regularly.
• Is the food stored for too long?Once smell gets soaked to those parts, it is not easy to remove.
Do not store foods for too long.
The appliance is neither a perfect nor a permanent food keeper.
Door do not open easily.• Was the door closed and open again immediately?In this case wait for a minute, then it will open easily.
Frost and dew inside the appliance and on the cabinet surface.• Was the door open for too long?Do not leave the door open for a long time.
• Were the foods with much moisture stored uncovered or unwrapped?Be sure to cover and wrap the foods.
Install the appliance in a drier and cooler place.
Front and side of the appliance feels warm or hot.• Is temperature and/or humidity around the appliance high?It is normal.

Aeg RMB96111NM Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting

Problem Solution
If your refrigerator does not operate• Is there a power failure?
• Is the plug connected to the socket correctly?
• Is the fuse of the socket to which the plug is connected or the main fuse blown?
• Is there any failure at the socket? To check this, plug your refrigerator to a socket this is surely operating
Control warningsIf the temperatures of the cooling and freezer compartments are not in the suitable levels or there is a problem in the appliance, your refrigerator will warn you. Warning codes appear in the Freezer and Cooling Compartment Setting Displays
Crackling (Ice Cracking) Noise• It is heard during the automatic defrosting process.
• Once the device has been cooled or heated (expansions in the device material).
Short Cracking Noise• It is heard when the thermostat turns on and off the compressor
Compressor Noise• It is the normal engine noise. This noise indicates that the compressor is operating normally. As the compressor is being introduced, it might operate a little bit more noisily for a short period of time
Bubbling and burbling sound• This noise is emitted as the coolant fluid flows through the pipes within the system
Water flowing sound• This is the normal sound of water flowing into the evaporation container during the defrosting process. This sound may be heard during the defrosting process performed in the device
Water blowing sound• It is the normal fan sound. This sound may be heard due to air circulation in No Frost refrigerators as the system is operating normally
If the edges of the refrigerator cabin contacted by the door seal are hot• Especially in summer months (in hot weathers), there might be heating on the surfaces contacted by the seal on the refrigerator when the compressor is operating and this is quite normal
If there is humidification in the inner parts of your refrigerator• Has the food been properly packaged? Have the cups been well dried before they were put into the refrigerator?
•Are the doors of the refrigerator opened very frequently? When the door is opened, the humidity found in the air in the room enters the refrigerator. Especially if the humidity rate in the room is too high, the more frequently the door is opened the faster will be the humidification.
• It is normal to have water drops formed on the back wall following the automatic defrosting process. (In Static Models)
If the doors are not being properly opened and closed• Are the food packages preventing the doors from being closed?
• Have the door compartments, shelves and drawers been properly placed?
• Have the door seals been defective or torn?
• Is your refrigerator standing on an even ground?