Bosch refrigerator troubleshooting

Bosch refrigerator troubleshooting

The make of Bosch refrigerators is one of the most popular brands. They represent reliable kitchen appliances proven with the best hand. Bosch refrigerators do not require complicated care. The emergence of bacteria and mold is practically impossible inside them. Their meticulously thought-out design allows you to place products with the maximum convenience. Bosch refrigerators are known for their elegant design, harmoniously blending into any interior, the minimum level of energy consumption and virtually silent operation. Below you will find a table of Bosch refrigerator troubleshooting system.

Bosch refrigerator ice maker not working

Why it happens:

  • The freezer has gotten too warm (above 10F or -12C)

If the freezer is not cold enough, check the condenser coils for debris and be sure that the condenser fan is fully functional. Also, this may be due to frost building up on the evaporator coil. This may be due to the defrost function failing.

  • Faulty water inlet valve

Not unlikely, the water valve has broken down. It either fails to provide sufficient pressure or blocks the water flow. In this situation, the system will not be able to generate ice. The minimal pressure is 20 psi, so be sure the pressure has reached an appropriate level.

  • Check the ice maker system

The entire assembly may fail even if just one component is defective. Because many of these components are integrated into the system and cannot be purchased separately, the entire system may need to be replaced.

Water dispenser not working


  1. The water supply tube in the door could have frozen up
  2. Faulty water inlet valve
  3. Low water pressure in the household water supply system
  4. Faulty water dispenser control board
  5. bad water dispenser switch
  6. Bad water filter
  7. Bad door switch