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The Ice Maker Malfunction

More and more models of refrigerators are equipped with an ice-making function, which is actually a very useful thing. But it also causes some problems from time to time, and can even stop working at all. Let’s see what can cause difficulties in the ice-maker operation. What can cause the failure of the ice maker?… Read More »

Samsung Ice Maker Is Out Of Order

Each year all the household appliances are improving, getting innovative functions, and progressive design. One of the examples is the new generation refrigerators, which are now equipped with numerous functions, including ice-making. Modern Samsung units produce about 100-120 ice cubes a day, pounded or chilled water. What is an ice maker and how does it… Read More »

The Fridge Is Not Cooling While The Compressor Is Fine

You hear your refrigerator is working as usual, but when you open the door, there is a light, though you feel that it’s not cold enough inside. Quite often there are situations when the fridge is working but not freezing. In this case, you should not rush to call a repairman, because perhaps the cause… Read More »

The Refrigerator is Freezing Food

One of the most important functions of your fridge is to cool and keep food and drinks fresh. But if your device freezes like a freezer, the effect is not very good – instead of chilled fresh food you get it frozen and you will hardly be able to eat it. The proper temperature values… Read More »

The Refrigerator Does Not Turn Off

It might sound weird or silly, but many people claim their fridge “constantly running”. Yes, a working fridge is a good thing, but then one that never stops — is not. So let’s figure out what might be the reason and how to fix it. How does the refrigerator have to work The malfunction of… Read More »

The Leakage In Your Refrigerator. Reasons and Troubleshooting

If you see a puddle of water under your refrigerator, don’t panic, most likely it is not a serious malfunction, but something you can easily fix on your own. If your fridge keeps freezing, there’s no need to panic – the problem hasn’t touched important parts of the unit, so everything is fixed.  It is… Read More »

The Refrigerator Is Not Cooling But The Light Is On

You don’t hear your refrigerator working properly, but when you open the door of the appliance — the light is on, though the air inside is not cooling and no sound of the compressor can be heard. The working light means your device is connected to the main power, but what the silence can mean?… Read More »

Why Samsung Refrigerator Is Not Cooling

All the Samsung appliances are known for their reliability, progressiveness, and perfect design, but even the best if the best sometimes have issues with operating, especially if they don’t get proper maintenance. One of the possible failures of your Samsung refrigerator after 5-7 years of operating might be connected with cooling. Your device just stops… Read More »

LG Refrigerator Not Making Ice

If you noticed your LG refrigerator works as usual but doesn’t make ice any more, there are definitely some issues with the ice-making part of it. Sometimes it is a re-sult of a not serious malfunction, which can easily be fixed. But there are also cases, where you will have to spend more time and… Read More »

LG Refrigerator is Not Cooling

One of the most common issues with the refrigerators is that they do not cool properly, or at all. The appliances of the famous Korean manufacturer LG are con-sidered to be one of the most reliable, but can still face the same problem. There might be two concepts here — it’s whether something very simple… Read More »