Common troubleshooting if leaking water from Samsung refrigerator

To date, Samsung specializes in the manufacture of an impressive line of refrigerators. They differ from each other in shape, size, technical characteristics. Nevertheless, any product produced by the brand does an excellent job with its main function. Namely, it keeps food and prepared meals fresh and cool. In addition, thanks to a presentable appearance, models of this plan fit perfectly into the interior of any kitchen.

Practice shows that from time to time the models of this brand are subject to leaks. There is nothing to worry about here, because they happen even with the advanced models of other brands. A leak usually appears for several reasons. It doesn’t matter where she was first seen. Usually the problem is a blockage in the defrost drain line, the valve responsible for the water supply, or in the filter. This leads to numerous signs that are unpleasant. We are talking about water on the floor, in the liquid dispenser, under the vegetable peeler and even in the filter system.

leaking water from Samsung refrigerator

The mechanism involves the active action of the compressor, which pumps the liquid, and then circulates it. It exchanges heat and is responsible for lowering the temperature in the compartment. A total of 2 cooling lines are provided. One evaporator is in the freezer. The second is in the refrigerator compartment. Actually, that is why we can talk about the dual principle of cooling.

After a certain period of time, frost appears on the coils. Now you can start defrosting. The defrost heater makes it possible to melt the ice. As a result, water is formed. Then it is drained through a special line directly into the pallet. If there is a blockage, the water does not go down. It simply overflows and ends up on the floor. This is the most common circumstance in which Samsung refrigeration equipment leaks.

Water goes directly to the floor

The best course of action to rule out certain causes is to pay attention to exactly where the water is. After all, it can even be on the floor and go out of the dispenser. Sometimes it makes itself felt under the fruit box or heading out of the filter. It is worth delving into the study of each of these reasons in order to understand what exactly is the matter.

This is perhaps the most annoying occurrence. No hostess will be pleased with the flooded flooring from the refrigerator, which is leaking. The issue could be the following:

  • leakage of the water supply valve;
  • blocked defrosting drain;
  • Drain pan overflow, which is unlikely.

Each reason needs to be considered in detail.

Leaking water supply valve

Leaking water supply valve

Let’s say a user purchased a Samsung refrigerator model with an ice maker or dispenser. This indicates that certain plumbing is connected to the system, and in the back there is a water inlet with a pipe that supplies water directly.

If this water intake is broken, it will turn out that the water will flow out immediately to the floor. And if all this is left unattended, one should not be surprised that a smudge and even flooding will be found in the morning during a large-scale disaster.

In this situation, it is necessary to make sure that the pipeline is tightly fixed directly at the water inlet. When loosened, water may leak. Sometimes it’s the fence. In this situation, you can not do without replacing the block.

Clogged defrost drain

Practice shows that modern systems periodically begin to defrost themselves. All this, one way or another, is the cause of the formation of an impressive amount of moisture. The system has a drain for defrosting, it is needed to drain water. But small debris or ice can penetrate into it when the unit freezes.

Clogged defrost drain

Cleaning the drain is not difficult if you know how to find it. All it takes is running a small amount of hot water down the drain to melt the ice and flush away debris. To find the drain, you can first look at the instruction manual. This will help determine its exact location. But if you are not sure, you should always seek help from specialists.

Drain pan overflow

At the bottom of each refrigeration unit is a drain pan or drip tray. The essence of his work is to ensure that any water inside is captured in order to avoid flowing directly to the floor. But sometimes the flow is too big, and the system is not able to cope with it. As a result, the liquid penetrates the floor. Here you can empty the pan manually, but this is only getting rid of the symptom, while the cause remains. And it lies in the fact that the defrosting drain is clogged, this problem has already been discussed earlier.

Leak from the dispenser

If the system is equipped with water dispensers, sometimes a leak may appear around them. The main reasons are easy to describe as follows:

  • enough air has accumulated in the system;
  • Mistakes were made during the installation of the water filter.

Leak from the dispenser

Air accumulation in the fluid supply system

Air can create serious problems when it comes to the mechanism that provides water supply. If you find that the liquid is leaking from the dispenser, there is a high probability that an air mass will enter along the way. This problem is characteristic of refrigerators that were installed relatively recently. In part, in this case, it is enough to flush the entire system, this will help get rid of air bubbles.

In practice, pouring out a few liters of water is sufficient. Since it has the ability to flow continuously, any air that has entered the system will certainly find an outlet. Without it, the leak will stop. You don’t need to worry about wasting water, you can always catch it by placing a bucket.

Installation errors

If the refrigerator is equipped with a water inlet, this indicates that it will also have a filter. To find it, you need to refer to the instruction manual or to make a careful inspection of the system. At some point in time, the filter will need to be replaced. But if there are shortcomings, there will be a risk of letting air into the complex responsible for water supply.

Installation errors

Based on the information from the previous point, you can guess that any trapped air can cause leaks from the dispenser. It is necessary to check the filter 2 times to make sure that it is correctly installed.

Leak from under the boxes

The humidity level in this case is different, at least it is different from the entire main refrigerator system. This is the reason why fruits and vegetables always stay fresh. Unfortunately, there is a risk of water seepage even here. Perhaps it is the problem described in the previous paragraph. Namely – in clogging the defrosting drain. Of course, you can simply remove the water and continue using the system, but in order to solve the problem once and for all, you need to eliminate the cause – a clogged drain.

Filter leak

The reasons:

  • incorrect installation;
  • formation of cracks in the area of ​​the head;
  • problems in the hull;
  • use of a “non-native” unit.

Filter leak

Cracks in the head area

You may have already purchased a cracked or non-working filter. In this case, it can be returned under warranty. After all, a head with damage is the reason for the slow seepage of water.

Case problems

The filter can perform its functions correctly and reliably only in a situation where the housing holds it in one place. You will need a professional replacement. Solving such a problem with your own hands is difficult, you will have to turn to specialists.

To investigate the system, the first step is to search for a filter housing. If this is not possible, you can read the user manual, which indicates its location. Even if there are no instructions, this is not a reason to worry. The fact is that such trusted manufacturers usually upload all documents to the Internet, the user only needs to find the required template and upload it. To do this, it is enough to know the model number.

Using a "non-native" filter

Using a “non-native” filter

This aspect is not surprising, since there are many third-party manufacturers that offer replacement water systems these days, and it is not difficult to purchase them online. They are relatively inexpensive and are considered compatible with Samsung models. Unfortunately, the use of filter units from other brands can also cause leakage. Although such claims do exist, it is best to purchase original parts directly from the manufacturer. This will ensure that the filter fits perfectly into the system and does its job perfectly.

Of course, original spare parts require more financial expenses when compared with other brands. But these are definitely necessary expenses, because the manufacturer has designed the component so that it fits your model well and guarantees peace of mind and comfortable use of the system.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why water flows from different parts in the Samsung refrigerator. It is important to accurately establish the specific circumstances and act strictly in accordance with the instructions, without deviating. And if in doubt, it is better to entrust this work to professionals.