Haier refrigerator troubleshooting

Haier refrigerator troubleshooting

Hair is a world leader in the development of innovative solutions in the field of household appliances and consumer electronics. For 7 years, Hair has been holding primacy in Euromonitor International ranking among manufacturers of large home appliances, including refrigerators. Below you will find a table of Haier refrigerator troubleshooting system.

Haier HR-838FK refrigerator troubleshooting

The refrigerator runs frequently or runs for too long periods1. The indoor or outdoor temperature is too high1. In this case, it is normal for the refrigerator to run longer
2. The refrigerator has been powered off for a period of time2. Normally, it takes 8 to 12 hours for the refrigerator to totally cool down
3. The door is opened too frequently or for long periods3. Warm air enters the refrigerator and causes it to start frequently. Please do not open the door too frequently
4. The door of the fridge/freezer storage compartment is not tightly closed4. Ensure the refrigerator is located on a level ground and there is no food or container jarring the door.
5. The temperature setting for the freezer storage compartment is too low5. Set the temperature higher until a satisfactory refrigerator temperature is obtained. It takes 24 hours for the refrigerator temperature to become stable
6. The door gasket of the fridge/freezer storage compartment is dirty, worn, cracked or mismatched6. Clean or replace the door gasket. A leakage gap of door gasket can cause a longer running time of the refrigerator in order to maintain desired temperature
7. The condenser is dirty7. Clean the condenser (call the service)
The compressor does not work1. The refrigerator is in the defrosting cycle1. This is normal for an automatic defrosting refrigerator
2. The refrigerator is not plugged into a power outlet2. Verify the plug is plugged in the socket firmly
3. The refrigerator is turned OFF3. Press the "Power" button for 3 seconds or more to restart the refrigerator or turn the knob from OFF to temperature selection position
Too high temperature in the fridge/freezer storage compartment1. The door is opened too frequently or for too long each time1. Warm air will enter the refrigerator whenever the door is opened. Try to open the door as less frequently as possible
2. Temperature is set too high.2. Reset the temperature
3. The door is not closed tightly.
4. The condenser is dirty4. Call the service to clean the condenser
The temperature in the freezer is too high while the temperature in the fridge storage compartment is OKThe freezer temperature is set too highSet the freezer temperature lower. It takes 24 hours for the temperature of the refrigerator to become stable
Moisture accumulates on the refrigerator's outside surface or between two doors1. Too damp climate.1. This is normal in damp climate. The moisture will decrease when the humidity drops.
2. The refrigerator door is not closed tightly. This causes condensation of the cold air in the refrigerator and the warm air outside it
The inside of the refrigerator is dirty1. The inside of the refrigerator needs cleaning1. Clean the internal of the refrigerator
2. Food of strong odour is stored in the refrigerator2. Wrap the food tightly
Beeps1. The fridge storage compartment door is open1. Close the door or silence the alarm manually
2. The temperature in the freezer is too high2. The alarm is normal when it is first started due to relatively higher temperature. You can silence the alarm manually
Abnormal sound1. The refrigerator is not located on a level place1. Adjust the feet to level the refrigerator
2. The refrigerator touches some object around it2. Remove objects too close
Slight sound similar to that of flowing waterThis is the sound of the refrigerating systemNormal
Heating of cabinetThe anti-condensation system is workingThis prevents condensation and is normal

Haier HRF-281FR refrigerator troubleshooting

ProblemPossible causes
No refrigeration• Electrical connection is loose
• Fuse is broken.
The inner Temperature is not cold enough.• Wrong temperature selection.
• The inner compartment is overfilled.
• The appliance is exposed to direct sunlight or a heat source, such as heater.
• Frequent door opens.
Unusual noises• The appliance doesn't stand level.
• Some part of the refrigerator rubs against the wall or other furniture.
• It's normal that the noise of flowing refrigerant can be heard during the interval of the stop and restart of the compressor.
The outer surfaces are wet.• Rain season of high humidity.
If so, dry the surfaces thoroughly.
The inner surfaces are wet.• The door is frequently opened or it’s kept open too long.
• There are large amount of foods of high water content stored in the refrigerator. Dry the inner compartment thoroughly.