How to fix h1 code in a Frigidaire refrigerator

Frigidaire brand refrigerators and freezers are known all over the world for their good quality. But sometimes owners can see the error code that the technician issues. Most do not understand what is behind the error and immediately call the wizard. But the help of a specialist is not always required, because some malfunctions in the work can be eliminated on their own. Today we will look at the error code in the Frigidaire refrigerator “H1”, find out what it means and find out how to fix the problem.

What does the code “H1” mean?

The refrigerator mistakenly informs the owner that some kind of malfunction has occurred. The error code “H1” indicates that the temperature inside the refrigerator compartment is too high. This can happen while the refrigerator, which has just been plugged into the network, has not yet had time to cool to the set temperature. Or the problem is due to a malfunction in the thermistor and wiring.

Frigidaire refrigerator h1 code

Before you start repairing the refrigerator, you need to try to pinpoint the cause of the error. The thermistor in the refrigerator is needed to control the air temperature in the refrigerator and freezer. Periodically, it records the indicators and transfers them to the control board, that is, to the “brain” of the refrigerator. If the thermistor is broken or not working properly, it will transmit incorrect readings or not be able to do so at all.

In turn, the control board, after receiving the temperature values, turns on and off the elements of the refrigerator (evaporator, condenser, compressor, fan, etc.) so that the required temperature is in the refrigerator and freezer.

Before you start repairing the refrigerator, unplug it from the mains, and put all food in another refrigerator or cool place. During the time you repair the equipment, all the food can go bad.

As a result, when the control board receives incorrect readings or does not receive any at all from the thermistor, it does not know when to start cooling, when to turn it off. The refrigerator will not maintain the set temperature, causing it to rise. The owner is notified with the error code “H1” and cannot be ignored. An insufficiently cold atmosphere in the chamber will lead to rapid spoilage of the products, and bacteria will actively multiply in them.

Frigidaire refrigerator repair

Causes of the “H1” error

To quickly determine why the refrigerator shows the error code “H1”, we suggest taking a closer look at the possible causes of breakdown or malfunction, which are most common.

New refrigerator

After buying a refrigerator, some owners, without having time to turn on the equipment, immediately load food. The refrigerator has not yet reached the desired temperature, and it was also loaded with warm objects at room temperature, which raised the degrees even higher.

The thermistor will detect that the temperature is too high and send a signal to the control board, which will show an error. If this is your case, then unplug the refrigerator from the mains to reboot it and turn it back on. If it does not help, then you just need to wait until the air inside the chamber cools down to the desired values. Products should be loaded in parts when it is already cold inside the refrigerator.

Faulty thermistor

The most common cause of the H1 error is a faulty thermistor. First you should check the wires that go to this part, if everything is in order with them, then a replacement will be required.

You can verify that the thermistor is broken with a multimeter. If it does not show continuity or shows constant resistance even though the temperature in the fridge is changing, then that part is the problem.

How to replace the thermistor in a Frigidaire refrigerator

If you are well versed in household appliances, then replacing the thermistor will not confuse you. The repair is quite simple, so it is not necessary to call the master, everything can be done with your own hands, if you are confident in your abilities. If there is no such confidence, then it is better to seek help from a specialist.

Frigidaire refrigerator replace the thermistor

The thermistor is usually located in the refrigerator compartment. Before starting work, unplug the equipment from the network and remove all products. You also need to remove all shelves and drawers so that they do not interfere with the repair. After that, we need to pull out the rear air duct, it is fastened with screws that are easily unscrewed.

After these manipulations, you will see the thermistor, you need to disconnect it from the duct and disconnect the wires. Immediately check the wires for their integrity, because if they are damaged, the thermistor will not work. They may have become loose or detached. If you notice one of the listed problems, then you need to eliminate it and check the refrigerator for operability.

If everything is in order with the wires, then the thermistor is faulty and must be replaced with a new one. When the part is installed and secured, the air duct must be put in place and secured with screws. Next, you need to close the duct cover, install all the shelves and drawers in place and check the equipment. When you are sure that the refrigerator is working properly, you can load food.

What to do if the error persists after replacing the thermistor

There are times when replacing a faulty part did not help get rid of the displayed error. In this case, call the service center and call the master to inspect the equipment and find the cause. The thermostat starts responding to temperatures above 37°C. As soon as the temperature in the refrigerator compartment drops, the error should immediately disappear.

Reset the fridge

Reset the fridge

Before looking for a breakdown, when you see the H1 error code, try resetting the Frigidaire refrigerator first. The same method will help if you replaced the thermistor, but the error did not disappear.

To reset, you need to find two buttons “Powerful Freeze” and “Powerful Cooling”. At the same time, you need to press the buttons, hold for a few seconds, then release. After that, the settings will be reset, the error should disappear if the cause has been eliminated.

You can also just unplug the refrigerator from the mains, leave for a few seconds and turn it back on. So it will also reboot, and the error should disappear.

If your appliance generates an H1 error code, a malfunction occurs, or a malfunction is detected, check the warranty before starting repairs. If it has not expired, contact the service center, otherwise the warranty will be immediately canceled if you yourself begin to disassemble and “pick” the equipment. If the warranty period has expired, then you can try to repair the refrigerator yourself.

Now you know what the error code “H1” means, what problems are associated with it and how to fix them fashionably. It is strongly not recommended to disassemble household appliances on your own if you do not understand anything at all. Unprofessional actions can harm the refrigerator, aggravate the breakdown, or even make it unrepairable.