How to fix Samsung refrigerator. Most common problems

The South Korean company Samsung produces some of the most reliable and high-quality refrigerators. Many models of different classes are sold around the world: economy, medium and premium. All of them work well, but these devices sometimes have common problems that you need to solve.

The most common problems in Samsung refrigerators:

  • the device is not cooling down;
  • water is leaking;
  • there was a knock or vibration;
  • Samsung Fridge ice maker does not produce ice;
  • the freezer has started to freeze heavily.

You can try to solve some problems yourself, and this article will be a useful guide. But some serious breakdowns can only be fixed by a qualified specialist.

Samsung refrigerator not cooling

Samsung refrigerator not cooling

Probably, such a problem occurs if the rubber gasket (seal) of the door does not perform its functions well. This element fits snugly against the refrigerator, preventing cold air from escaping from the chamber. When the rubber part becomes dirty, torn or deformed, it does not fully contact the edges of the cooling chamber. Over time, the seal also loses its elasticity and cannot return to its original shape.

How to fix the problem:

  1. Carefully inspect your refrigerator door seal along its entire length.
  2. Clean it of dirt and food pieces stuck in the folds.
  3. If the seal is worn out and does not adhere well to the refrigerator, you need to replace it with a new one. This simple task is within the power of many people. Remove the damaged seal from the groove. Insert a new gasket into the groove, starting from the upper corners, and press it firmly. The rubber should go into the groove from all sides and fit snugly against the door.
  4. After replacing the rubber part, leave the Samsung refrigerator turned on and empty for a day so that it reaches the set temperature. It is especially important to observe this rule if the device has been inoperative for a long time.

Another problem with cooling can occur if the refrigerator is close to the heating battery. Also, when the temperature regime of the freezer is set to the maximum value (-18 degrees), the compressor may not be able to cope with the load and cool the adjacent chamber worse.

Samsung refrigerator repair

There are a number of serious problems in which the refrigerator stops maintaining the set temperature. This is a breakdown of the fan motor, thermostat or sensor of the evaporator of the freezer/refrigerator, malfunction of the evaporator heating element, refrigerant leakage, oil plug in the capillary system. All these problems are fixed in the workshop.

Water leakage

The first thing you do is determine where the leak is coming from. This will help to understand which part of the refrigerator is out of order. Depending on the localization of the water, it is suggested with which part of the problem:

  • A puddle behind the refrigerator: this may be a leak in the water supply line, or a hose is not properly connected to its inlet.
  • Water inside the refrigerator: there is a problem with the filter inside the appliance. It may become clogged, incorrectly installed or not suitable in terms of parameters (this happens if the filter is from another manufacturer).
  • Water under the refrigerator or under its drawers: the appliance is standing on an uneven surface.

How to fix the problem? First, turn off the water supply to the refrigerator. This will prevent flooding or splashing large amounts of liquid when correcting problems.

What exactly you will do to fix the problem depends on its cause. For example, when there is a problem with the filter, it needs to be cleaned and checked if it is installed correctly. If this part is broken, it should be replaced with a new one, preferably from Samsung.

Water leakage

It is very important to check the water supply line and all its connections. Make sure the system is intact and the hoses are connected securely.

The last step is to check the evenness of the floor on which the device stands. This can be done using a building level or a special mobile application on a smartphone. Download the Building (Bubble) Level program from the Play Market or App Store. Using the tool, determine the evenness of the surface. Adjust the legs of the refrigerator if necessary.

Knocking or vibration from inside

During normal operation, the Samsung refrigerator makes a slight noise. This is a sign that the device is connected to the mains and is doing its job. But too loud continuous sound, vibration or knocking indicates a problem.

Most likely the case is in the evaporator fan located inside the refrigerator. The evaporator is a source of cold air, and with the help of a fan, it circulates throughout the appliance. Knock occurs when the blades of the part constantly hit something hard: pieces of ice or foreign objects that enter the system from the outside.

Knocking or vibration from inside

Every time you open the refrigerator, warm air enters the chamber. Condensation forms on contact with cold media, which settles on the fan and later freezes around the blades.

How to fix the problem? Turn off the refrigerator and unplug the power cord from the outlet. This is necessary for safety reasons, because even if the fan is broken and does not spin, it can work during the repair. In order not to injure your fingers, it is better to turn off the power to the device.

Free up space around the fan. Carefully inspect the part to make sure there are no foreign objects. Let’s assume that ice has frozen on the blades. The best option in this case is to let it melt naturally.

Do not use a hair dryer or heat gun for accelerated defrosting. The interior panels of the refrigerator and the fan blades are made of plastic. The above devices release a targeted stream of hot air, which can deform plastic parts.

Samsung refrigerator ice maker won’t produce ice

When you press the ice supply knob, you are waiting for the frozen cubes to fall into your dishes. If this does not happen, most likely something is wrong with the switch, which is activated when the handle is pressed.

The switch is located behind the ice dispenser panel, directly behind the lever. When activated, it signals the ice maker to rotate the auger and push ice towards the dispenser opening.

Samsung refrigerator ice maker won't produce ice

Why did the breakdown happen? The ice dispenser switch has probably failed due to a power surge or short circuit. Mechanical failure of its parts could also occur. Because of this, the switch does not respond when you press the dispenser handle.

How to fix the problem? The damaged switch needs to be replaced. Disconnect the refrigerator from the mains to protect yourself from electric shock. Then remove the screws holding the ice dispenser panel. You will have access to the handle and switch. Then carefully disconnect the switch wiring and remove the screws holding it in place. Install a new switch and repeat the above steps in reverse order.

The freezer is icing up too quickly

In modern refrigerators, the No frost system is implemented. This means that the minus temperature is maintained without the formation of frost or ice inside the chamber. If you still observe a layer of ice, then most likely there is a problem with the ventilation of the freezer.

This usually happens when foreign objects get into the vent. Then the air inside the freezer does not circulate and comes into contact with moisture, which causes frost to form. Another reason for the phenomenon is too much food in the freezer. They are tightly pressed against the back wall of the chamber and close the ventilation holes.

How to fix the problem? First, defrost this compartment of the refrigerator, wipe it dry. Don’t artificially speed up the process with a heat gun or pick off the ice with a knife. Next, turn on the freezer and set the temperature. Load enough products so that air flows can circulate freely between them. Do not place food near ventilation openings.

The freezer is icing up too quickly

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years does a Samsung refrigerator last on average?
The average life of a Samsung refrigerator is 10-15 years. If you use it correctly and properly care for it, the device can work for 20-25 years. But it is important to remember that different parts of the refrigerator are given different warranties, it depends on their own resource. An excellent indicator of the service life of individual elements of the refrigerator is the duration of the warranty, which is determined by the manufacturer after long trials and tests.

How reliable are Samsung refrigerators?
This household appliance is one of the most reliable on the market. The South Korean company is an industry leader and has an excellent global reputation that has been at a high level for many years. Such a title is well deserved, because the manufacturer invests a lot of resources in the creation and detailed testing of its equipment before it goes on sale.

Why does the refrigerator work, but does not maintain the desired temperature?
When you hear that the device turns on and makes the usual noise, but it does not increase the temperature, the evaporator fan motor is most likely broken. The operation of the cooling system alone is not enough, it is necessary that the air is evenly distributed throughout all compartments. When the fan is unable to perform its functions, most of the compartments of the refrigerator are not cooled.