How to Reset a Norcold Control Board

Norcold manufactures specialty refrigerators for motor homes and boats. Like any other modern appliance, a Norcold refrigerator may have glitches or just won’t work without resetting it’s brains.

The “No Cooling”  error (“no co”, “n” or ON led flashing) may appear on the refrigerator’s display.  In that case you should first check if the fridge’s ventilation is obstructed or the appliance itself is leveled. Then you should reset the control board.

1.Turn off the refrigerator. Make sure the power cord is unplugged.

2.Check if you can access the back of the refrigerator. Pull it if you can’t.

3.Unplug the power board wires at the back of the refrigerator. First, 12Vdc + and – wires, then the power cord, then unplug the wire from Solenoid gas valve, then unplug the wire from spark/sense electrode assembly. Be careful, there is a label on every wire. When unplugging the wire, make sure you hold it but the plug, so you won’t damage the wire harness.

How to Reset a Norcold Control Board Unplug the power board wires

4.Unscrew the power board. There should be four screws holding it.

How to Reset a Norcold Control Board Unscrew the power board

5.Plug back in the wires you’ve disconnected. First, spark/sense electrode assembly, second, Solenoid gas valve, third, AC power, 12Vdc + and -.

6.Turn on your refrigerator.

7.You will need a jumper wire here. Connect firmly enough one end to the white/violet wire (Pin 15), which is in the harness socket on the right side. Short the other end of the jumper wire to the ground – like to one of the power board bolts –  and hold it for 10 to 15 seconds. You may hear a click after that. You should expose the jumper wire’s core at each end, of course. Now you can remove the jumper wire.

How to Reset a Norcold Control Board Pin 15

8.Turn off the refrigerator again

9.And again, disconnect the power board completely: 12Vdc + and -, AC power, Solenoid gas valve, spark/sense electrode assembly.

10.Put the power board back inside, don’t forget about the four screws holding it.

11.Re-connect the wires:  spark/sense electrode assembly,  Solenoid gas valve, AC power, 12Vdc + and -.

12.Plug the power cord in and turn the refrigerator on.

The refrigerator should work now. If it does not, then you should check the fridge thermistor too.