How to Reset a Samsung Refrigerator

Samsung refrigerators are among the smartest refrigerators available. They have many features: touch screens, buttons, control panels, intuitive interfaces.
But sometimes your refrigerator may glitch or malfunction in some way if you have pressed a wrong button accidentally or some other reason. This article will help you to make your refrigerator work again.

Where Can You Find the Reset Button on a Samsung Refrigerator?

How to Reset a Samsung Refrigerator Reset button

Not every Samsung refrigerator has a reset button. Usually the button can be found in refrigerators with a water filter and/or an ice maker. The button is needed to restore the refrigerator’s working mode. You can find it inside the refrigerator. Look at the control panel or search for it behind the ice bucket. This button is useful for models with water filters – if you change the filter, then you should reset the water filter indicator (usually it is blue colored and changes to red as the water filter ages)

Why Do You Need to Reset a Samsung Refrigerator?

Temperature Display Glitches

The display may flicker, or the readings are weird, or it stops working completely. The display may be blinking to get your attention. Many things can cause this, such as the refrigerator’s door not closed properly, or it was open for too long. Also you may have left hot food inside the fridge (Do not put hot food inside the fridge, the fridge’s temperature may rise too high).

Shop mode

The shop staff might have forgotten to disable the shop mode, or you switched accidentally the mode yourself.
This mode is intended to present the nice features of the fridge without powering on the compressor. Water dispenser and ice maker would not function also, but all the lights would be powered on.
The temperature display would show something like “OF OF” or “O FF.”


Many Samsung refrigerators can self-diagnose. In case a malfunction appears, it can be detected and diagnosed by the refrigerator’s firmware.
The errors detected by the smart diagnostics system will be shown on the display. Error codes let you understand what caused a malfunction and how to handle it. You should check the Samsung error code list for the appropriate error code and it’s meaning.
In case of a minor malfunction the refrigerator will reset after some time, but in case it does not, you should proceed with a hard reset procedure.

Hard Reset for a Samsung Refrigerator

Turn the fridge off an unplug it

There is a power button inside the fridge. Press and hold the button until the lights switch off. The procedure may or may not help you. But in most cases it will. The appliance’s controller should reset and function properly, if you wait for some time.


Leave it powered down for 10 to 15 minutes. If does not, help, then you could try to power it down again, but wait for at least 24 hours.

Switch the refrigerator on

Just plug it in and it should work as intended now. But do not forget to check it again in a few days.

Shop Mode Reset  for a Samsung Refrigerator

To disable the shop mode, press Power Freezer, Power cool and Filter Reset buttons, and hold for 2 to 5 seconds. The refrigerator should function properly now.

Demo Mode Reset  for a Samsung Refrigerator

How to Reset a Samsung Refrigerator Demo Mode

To disable the demo mode press both Energy Saver and Freezer Buttons at once, and hold them for 10 seconds approximately.
The method works for old refrigerators produced before 2014.
The newer appliances must be reset using three buttons at one time: Freezer, Energy Save, Lighting. For some models you may need to hold these buttons for 10 seconds.
The LCD must show the appliance’s temperature now.

Control Panel Reset of a Samsung Refrigerator

You may reset the panel by pressing and holding for 10 seconds at the same time the Power Cool and Power Freeze buttons. You should see the numbers, after the display has been reset.
In some cases the buttons may not work, or the panel may not display anything at all. That means, that the Child Lock mode is active or there is a malfunction in the system.
In case of a malfunction you should try the general reset procedure described above. If  the general reset does not work, then try to disable the child lock (in case it is enabled): Press and hold for several seconds the child lock button. The child lock should be disabled now. Do not forget to re-enable it later, in case you have little children.
If you do not have the child lock mode and general reset does not work for you also, then check your product manual for appropriate steps in that case.
You can reset the LCD controller too if you find the reset switch located on the inside at the top right corner. Switch it off and on. The Samsung logo should appear after the panel was reset. If it does not work, then you can try it again, but now wait for some time before switching the panel on.
There are other ways to reset the panel, usually pressing and holding these buttons for several seconds should help:

  • Energy Saving and Lighting
  • Freeze and Power Cool
  • Power Save and Lighting buttons
  • Freezer and Ref buttons
  • Power Freeze and Vacation
  • Ice Type and Filter Reset
  • Quick Freeze and Vacation

Door Wire Harness of a Samsung Refrigerator

An error code may be blinking on display, if there is a problem with wiring between the door and refrigerator itself.
Again, to solve this problem you better know the meaning of the error code.
Do the general reset procedure and check your wiring between the door and the refrigerator.
If the wiring is disconnected, then power the refrigerator off, reconnect the wiring, power on again.  The error code should be removed now.

Touch Screen Reset for a Samsung Refrigerator

How to Reset a Samsung Refrigerator Touch Screen Reset

On top of the fridge door there is a red switch hidden behind a small cover (the cover has Push written on it). The switch will power on/off the door panel. Flip it off and then on after several seconds. Check if your touch panel is working now. If it does not, then the touch panel needs qualified service.

Adjusting the Fridge Temperature for a Samsung Refrigerator

Here is a list of procedures to reset your fridge temperature:

  • Check the readings on the control panel or touch screen. The control panel may be inside or outside the fridge depending on a model.
  • Push the fridge button. One push of the button decreases the temperature by one degree at a time, and if it is set at the lowest point, then it would circle back to the highest with a button push. The temperature should be in range between 34 and 44 ℉.

Adjusting the Freezer Temperature  for a Samsung Refrigerator

List of procedures to reset your freezer temperature:

  • The control panel may be inside or outside the fridge depending on a model. Check the readings on it. Also, do not forget about the Child Lock – it may be active.
  • Press the freezer button to set the temperature you need. On some models you need to hold the  button for 5 seconds, otherwise it would not save the temperature. The freezer’s temperature also circles from highest to lowest temperature in range from -8 to +5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Reset After Power Outage For a Samsung Refrigerator

Press and hold for 10 seconds Power Save and Lighting buttons, or Fridge and Freezer buttons for 10 seconds also.

How to Reset a Samsung Refrigerator Reset After Power Outage
In case of a rather short power cut the refrigerator will be in “safe” mode and should be able to keep the temperature at low enough level. In case of a long power cut, the refrigerator will sound an alarm after powering on, which would notify you, that the temperature is above the recommended level. When the temperature is normal again, the alarm will stop.

Reset the Ice Maker After Power Outage For a Samsung Refrigerator

After a power outage the ice maker may need to be reset, so pull the ice tray out and find the blue button behind it. Hold the button for several seconds. You should hear a beep.
If the tray does not come out, then you need to wait, until it will defrost.

Error code 22E  – Samsung Refrigerator

The error code means, that there is a possible clogging in drainage or vent hole, fan obstruction.  It could also be something serious, like damaged control board or compressor, or some kind of a wiring discontinuity.
To reset the code press and hold Power and Lighting buttons from 8 to 10 seconds.
If the error does not go away, then check for possible causes individually. The refrigerator may need some repairs to fix it.

Error code 33E  – Samsung Refrigerator

This error code refers to malfunction of  an ice machine or water intake pipe or some other wiring problem . Also check the left door for damage.
To make the error go away check the ice maker and water pipe for clogging and bending, then power the unit on and press and hold Energy Saver and Lighting buttons for 8 to 10 seconds.

Ice Maker Reset  For a Samsung Refrigerator

Same procedure, as for power outage. Pull the ice tray out, hold the blue button behind it for 5 second until you hear a beep. If the ice tray does not come out, let it defrost.

Filter Indicator Reset  For a Samsung Refrigerator

There is a water filter wear indicator on a Samsung refrigerator with a French door. These indicator remind you to change the filter, when it is dirty.
But if there is a problem with your water filter indicator, then you can reset it too.
Check the user’s manual for a specific button combination for resetting the water filter indicator, because there are many models and these button may not work for your case. Here is a short list of these buttons:

  • Alarm
  • Ice/Water
  • Ice Type
  • Child Lock
  • Crushed Ice

You should press and hold your button combination for several seconds.


A general reset procedure may help you to solve most of the problems, but if the procedures described above did not help you at all, then your refrigerator needs a proper service. If you are not ready to dive inside with a multi-meter/oscilloscope, then you better call a professional for this. And do read the user’s manual before trying one of the reset procedures!
Samsung refrigerators are smart devices and can self-diagnose errors and malfunctions, but in some cases you can fix the malfunctions by pressing the right buttons.

FAQs Related to Samsung Refrigerators

Does every Samsung Refrigerator has a reset button?

Not every unit has a reset button. But most units without that button could still be reset with pressing and holding for 10 seconds both Power Cool and Power Freeze buttons.

Resetting a Samsung Refrigerator with French Door After Power Outage

If the power outage was short, then the refrigerator should reset itself, but if the power outage was rather long then, you should
press and hold both Power Cool and Power Freeze buttons, until you hear a beep.

My Samsung Refrigerator Does Not Work – a Short Checklist

In case your refrigerator does not power on at all – you should check a circuit breaker, which supplies power to the fridge. If the circuit breaker has tipped, then switch it back on, but only if you are sure, that the power line to the fridge is in working condition. Then you should check a fuse, if there is one. It may be damaged. Change it in that case.
If the refrigerator still does not work, then check the outlet powering your fridge with a different electrical device, like a lamp or a vacuum cleaner. If a device works, then re-check the outlet and the power cord to the fridge. Both may be loose.

Blinking Temperature Display on My Samsung Refrigerator – What to Do

How to Reset a Samsung Refrigerator Blinking Temperature Display

The temperature display on your Samsung Refrigerator blink, because it has exceeded normal temperature of 59 ℉. This usually happens, if you put hot food inside, or you’ve left the door open for too long. Let the food cool down before putting it inside the fridge. 4 hours may pass before the fridge would return to normal temperature. Be ready to wait for some time.