Kenmore elite refrigerator error code ER RF

Kenmore elite refrigerator error code ER RF

Defrost your Kenmore Elite Refrigerator and switch it on again.

If the ERRF is still there, check the fan motor. Use the control board or check the motor itself.

If you see this error code on your fridge’s control board, the system is viewing the fan motor’s work as improper.  Because the control board does not tend to fail, it has to be the motor or just ice buildup blocking the rotation. Remove the back cover panel on the back wall (inside) and check the fan and what is around it. If there is too much ice, thaw it out. Run the fridge again and see if the error code is gone. If not, or it appears again after a while, check the motor itself. You may need to replace the motor or the fan.

The error may also occur due to poor wire harness connection.

If the motor, wire harness, connection, and the fan are all right, replace the control board.

Most likely, after you have checked the entire control-board-fan line, the error code will disappear.