LG refrigerator not cooling and not freezing – simple troubleshootings

LG brand household refrigeration equipment is a complex device, powered by electronic control and optimally equipped with intricate electrical circuits and boards. Diagnostic measures and repair of such units should be carried out only by qualified specialists, otherwise a minor malfunction can turn into a big problem. If the LG refrigerator has stopped cooling and freezing food, and it is not possible to call a specialized wizard, you will have to restore the original functions of the equipment yourself, forgetting about all the risks.

The main causes of freezer failure

The main causes of freezer failure

Despite the high quality of LG Korean refrigerators, there comes a time when they need scheduled or unplanned repairs. The reason for this may be various factors – improper operation, failure of the electronic filling, wear of one or more parts. For the same reasons, breakdowns of the freezer and the entire cooling system occur, the independent restoration of which is a rather difficult task, especially for a beginner in this business. The main reasons why the cooling and freezing system has become unusable, experts call the following:

  1. the door seal is worn out or slightly displaced (repair with glue or a complete replacement is possible);
  2. The operation of the device is frozen in the defrost mode (the defrost button is stuck, which needs to be replaced);
  3. leakage of cooling gas (freon) (repair of the cooling system with additional refrigerant charge is required);
  4. the thermostat burned out (the device must be replaced – the sensors stopped signaling to the control module that the temperature standard was exceeded);
  5. the cooling system is clogged (it is being cleaned and the amount of cooling air in the system is checked);
  6. the compressor, power unit or electronics unit has broken down (the entire refrigeration equipment assembly or its individual parts are replaced with selective repairs of parts to be restored);
  7. the damper is jammed, due to which the cold air from the lower freezer does not reach the upper one (to increase the force of cold air supply, the part is replaced, cooling is restored);
  8. The fan has stopped functioning, driving cold air flows into the main and freezing sections (the refrigerator is defrosted and disconnected from the mains for 12 hours so that the frost from the fan thaws, if the sensor is burned out, it is replaced with a new one).

If self-troubleshooting in the LG refrigerator is not possible, then you need to call the wizard, who will diagnose the equipment, detect the malfunction and competently fix the breakdown. The work will include either the replacement of broken parts, or their high-quality repair with the provision of guarantees.


Before calling a repairman, it is recommended to defrost household appliances, and leave it for a day without closing the door, allowing the refrigerator to ventilate. In addition, it will not be superfluous to remove the back cover of the evaporator and remove all water from it.

The main causes of freezer failure and repair

What can you do yourself without calling the wizard

When the LG refrigerator does not freeze or cool, before calling a specialist, you can independently check whether this malfunction has occurred due to improper use of the device or due to a one-time failure of the electrical systems of the freezing equipment.

It happens that food products block the channels for supplying cold air currents to the freezer itself. The refrigerator compartment is no longer blown properly and the temperature balance in it becomes higher. The freezer is operating normally. To eliminate the failure, food must be moved from the back wall of the freezer compartment and after a few hours the temperature will be restored.

Freeze mode

Problems with the freezing mode in a single-compressor refrigerator of the LG family can also be eliminated without having a set of special skills. This mode allows you to quickly freeze many products in the freezer at once. The refrigeration equipment sends its entire working life there, so the freezer compartment freezes slightly, although the compressor is operating normally without malfunctions. Almost always, this option turns off on its own after a day or two, but if the shutdown has not occurred, this function can be easily turned off manually.

Freeze mode

Before turning it off manually, you need to make sure that the Super Freeze option has not been accidentally turned on. If the Super Freezer is turned on, it will turn off first, then the fast freeze mode.

Control module failure

If the control board hangs and the equipment starts to “fail”, you need to disconnect the device from the electrical network for 15 minutes, which will allow you to restart the electronic brains of the refrigerator. After turning on the refrigeration appliance, it works without interruption in the normal mode, which means that the problem has been eliminated. If the refrigerator is still feeling cold, it is likely that there is a more serious breakdown that requires diagnostic intervention.

Without the availability of the appropriate equipment and the necessary knowledge, it is not recommended to carry out an independent search for a breakdown, since a malfunction can be caused by many reasons and it is impossible to figure it out without the help of a specialist. There is no need to risk the integrity of the equipment, the best way out of the situation is to call an experienced craftsman with diagnostic tools.

Control module failure

Cooling mode

If the refrigeration mode is intermittent and not efficient enough in a single compressor refrigeration appliance, the problem may be caused by insufficient chilled air capacity. This mode is for instant cooling of the freezer. In this case, the power of the equipment is redistributed in two directions to both the freezer and the refrigeration unit at the same time. At the same time, the freezer itself is most strongly cooled at the moment when the cold comes exclusively to it, it simply does not have enough cold temperature and the positive degree in the chamber rises. To fix the problem, you need to turn off this mode and all refrigerator functions will be restored.

The bottom of the LG refrigerator does not freeze

In single-compressor models of LG refrigeration, the freezer freezes slightly if the compressor fails or the coolant leaks. It happens that the engine is not able to start due to a breakdown of the starting relay. Failures occur in the refrigerator control circuitry caused by connecting directly, bypassing the voltage stabilizer, which is extremely contraindicated. Rarely, but it happens that the thermostat of the freezer compartment burns out. With all these malfunctions, it is required to defrost the device and call a repairman to carry out diagnostic measures and, if necessary, repair. The cause of the breakdown may be:

  • wear of some parts of the device;
  • violation of the operating rules prescribed by the equipment manufacturer;
  • factory marriage and damage received during the transportation of the refrigerator;
  • mechanical defects caused by the installation of the refrigerator and at the time of its operation.

The bottom of the LG refrigerator does not freeze

If you do not fix the breakdown of the refrigerator compartment, then after a while the freezer will break. In the circuit of this household appliance, equipped with one compressor, freon maintains a stable minus in the chamber below. The refrigerant enters the positive perimeter according to the residual principle. At the same time, it is in the cold zone that the thermostat or compressor switching devices are located. If there is a lack of frost at the top, then the compressor starts non-stop operation and eventually fails. This is the main reason why the LG refrigerator stops freezing food.

Proper operation of the refrigerator, protecting against breakdowns

In order for household freezing appliances to function without breakdowns for the longest possible period, it is necessary to adhere to a set of specially developed rules. These basics of competent operation will protect the refrigerator from malfunctions such as failure of the freezing or cooling system. The rules are quite simple and familiar to everyone:

  • it is necessary to subject the refrigerator to global defrosting at least once every six months, otherwise a lot of ice and frost will accumulate on the walls of the freezer, which will lead to difficulties in cooling processes;
  • during the defrosting of the device, it is not necessary to put a vessel with hot water inside (to speed up the process) and break off ice from the walls, this threatens to destroy capillary tubes made of aluminum, which will cause refrigerant leakage;
  • it is required to control the process of closing the main door, it must always be closed, it is not necessary to leave the refrigerator open for a long time after opening it;
  • with frequent power surges, you need to buy a reliable stabilizer and turn on the device exclusively through it.

Proper operation of the refrigerator

Everyone already understands that at the slightest sign of an impending breakdown, you must immediately contact a competent specialist or call the LG service department. Proper operation of the freezing equipment will ensure long-term use of the refrigerator without any malfunctions. Experts recommend spending a little time and money on preventing breakdowns rather than ignoring the rules and shelling out a significant part of the budget for the purchase of new equipment.