LG Refrigerator Not Making Ice

If you noticed your LG refrigerator works as usual but doesn’t make ice any more, there are definitely some issues with the ice-making part of it. Sometimes it is a re-sult of a not serious malfunction, which can easily be fixed. But there are also cases, where you will have to spend more time and money bringing the device back to normal.

First of all, don’t panic if you just bought and installed your fridge, and can’t see it making ice, as after installation the LG appliance will only start its ice-production process after 24 hrs. But if you’ve been using your device for some time already, you know that it usually makes ice once in 2 or three hrs.

So if there is a definite delay, let’s figure out the possible reasons.

What can cause the malfunction of the ice maker and how to fix it?

1. Temperature set-up

LG Refrigerator Not Making Ice Adjust the temperature correctly

The most common explanation for your LG refrigerator not making ice is the wrong temperature set up. Your fridge can stop producing ice if the temp is above -15C. So check the T indication, and make sure it shows a number from -15C to -20C. To set the temperature, use the “Freezer” button.

If the temperature in the freezer was above the recommended temp, the coils and the fan could have been plugged with dust or ice, so check them and clean if needed. Extra ice on the fan and walls of the freezer might also signalize about issues with the defrost system of your refrigerator.

2. Water supply system failure

The water supply system of your refrigerator consists of such parts as the water hosepipe, inlet valve, and water filter, so you might be having some problems with one or all of them, which affects the generating of ice in the freezer. First of all, check the water pressure in your house — it has to be at least 1.4 Bar. If the flow and pressure are on, then start checking the water-supply elements.

To test the valve, use a multimeter. If the water inlet valve has sufficient pressure and receives current, but the ice maker will not be filled with water to produce ice, replace the valve.

LG Refrigerator Not Making Ice water filter

As for the filter, it might be installed not properly or clogged. To take it out of the device, wash under the water and dry thoroughly, then install it back — it is pretty easy, just don’t forget to switch it a little, locking it in the right position. Make sure there are no gaps around. Remember, that the filter should be replaced every six months to maintain proper water flow and ensure a good quality of water.

To eliminate water-hose-connected reasons from the list of possible explanations, just check whether it is connected properly. Then inspect it for any damages and clogs. Clean if needed and install back.

3. The ice-making unit malfunction

If all the components of the water-supply system work well, the temperature in your freezer is below -12C and the ice maker doesn’t want to run a diagnostic test, most likely there is a breakage of one of the elements of the unit itself. It might be a broken motor or any other part.

LG Refrigerator Not Making Ice Check the switch to make sure it is on

The ice machine module is equipped with a motor that rotates the ice ejector blade or turns the ice cube tray into an ice bucket. If the module fails, the ice maker will not produce or unload ice. First, depending on your model, make sure the on/off switch is in the “on” position, or the lever is in the bottom position. If the ice machine module has ejector blades, make sure that the ice cubes do not get stuck in the blades.

It is possible that the ice maker switch is defective.  It is also possible that the ice maker switch was turned off accidentally.  Check the switch to make sure it is on.  If the ice maker switch is on, but the ice maker is still not working, then use a multi-meter to check the switch for continuity.  If the continuity of the ice maker switch is broken, replace it.

The thermostat of the ice maker controls the temperature in the ice-tray. Once the tray gets to the correct temperature, the icemaker ejects the ice-cubes and refills the tray with water.  If the thermostat fails, the ice-maker will stop producing ice. To check the thermostat, use a multimeter, and if you see it’s faulty — simply replace it.

Sometimes only a professional repairman can indicate the real problem and replace the damaged element, so contact the client support service, or replace the whole unit yourself if you are confident enough.

4. The failure of the control board

As with any other issue of your appliance, the reason might be in its electronic brain, the control board. If there is something wrong with the board, it stops sending and receiving signals to or from the other elements of the device, so some systems just can’t operate properly.

Try resetting the ice-maker, by powering off and unplugging your device from the socket for 1-2 mins. This will reboot the system and probably the control-board mal-function was just a temporary glitch, which will disappear after you switch the appli-ance back on.


LG Refrigerator Not Making Ice Control board

If you are pretty sure, that the problem is in the control panel, and rebooting doesn’t help, then you have to replace the whole element. But we recommend you to contact customer service for professional diagnostics.