Liebherr Freezer troubleshooting

Liebherr GFT50S2HC Freezer troubleshooting

ProblemPossible cause and remedy
Appliance does not work, display is off.- Is the appliance turned on?
- Is the power cord properly inserted in the outlet?
- Is the circuit breaker or fuse in working order?
Motor seems to run too long.- Is the ambient temperature too hot?
- Has the appliance been opened too often or left open too long?
The temperature is not cold enough.- Is the temperature setting correct?
- Does a separately installed thermometer show the correct reading?
- Is the ventilation system working properly?
- Is the appliance set up too close to a heat source?

Liebherr UB 501 Freezer troubleshooting

ProblemPossible CauseCorrection
The appliance does not work.The appliance is not switched on.► Switch on the appliance.
The power plug is not properly inserted in the wall socket.► Check the power plug.
The fuse in the wall socket is not OK.► Check the fuse.
Power failure► Keep the appliance closed.
► Protect the food: place dry ice on top of the food or use an alternate freezer, if the power failure persists for some time.
► Do not re-freeze defrosted food.
The compressor runs for a long time.When less refrigeration is required, the speed-controlled compressor switches to a low speed. Although the running time is increased as a result, energy is saved.► This is normal in energy-saving models.
An LED at the lower rear of the appliance (near the compressor) flashes regularly every 5 second.There is a fault.► Contact the customer service department
Noises are too loud.The different speed levels of speed- controlled compressors can cause them to generate various noises during operation.► These noises are normal.
A gurgling soundThis sound comes from the refrigerant flowing in the refrigeration circuit.► The sound is normal.
A faint clicking soundThe sound always occurs when the refrigeration unit (the motor) automatically switches on or off.
A hum. It is briefly a little louder when the refrigeration unit (the motor) switches on.The refrigeration increases automatically when fresh food has just been placed in the appliance or the door has been left open for a while.
The ambient temperature is too high.
The fan continues to run.With the “hydro’' setting the fan must run for longer for operational reasons.
Vibration noiseThe appliance is not standing firmly on the floor. As a result, objects and adjoining units are set into vibration by the running refrigeration unit.► Check the installation and realign the appliance if necessary.
► Move bottles and containers apart.
Flow noise on the soft stop mechanism.The sound is caused by the soft stop mechanism.► The sound is normal.
The temperature display indicates: FO to F9.There is a fault.► Contact the customer service department
DEMO lights up in the temperature display.The demo mode is activated.
DEMO lights up in the temperature display.The demo mode is activated.
The outside surfaces of the appliance are hot.The heat of the refrigerant circuit is used to prevent condensate from forming.► This is normal.
The temperature is not cold enough.The door of the appliance is not closed properly.► Close the appliance door.
Insufficient ventilation.► Clear and clean the ventilation grille.
The ambient temperature is too high.
The appliance was opened too frequently or for too long.► Wait to see whether the required temperature resets itself by itself. If not, contact the customer service department
The temperature is incorrectly set.► Set to a colder temperature and check after 24 hours
The appliance is too near to a heat source (stove, heater etc).► Change location of appliance or the heat source.
The appliance was not properly installed in the recess.► Make sure the appliance was installed correctly and the door closes properly.
The appliance is not switched on.► Switch on the appliance.