Miele Fridge Freezer troubleshooting

Miele KFN 28133 D Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting

Problem Possible faultSolution
The refrigerator or freezer section does not get cold.The machine is not turned on.Check whether the appliance is switched on at the main switch. The appropriate temperature display must be lit up.
The machine is not plugged in.Check that the plug is correctly inserted in the power outlet.
Check that the fuse has not tripped.Reset the circuit breaker.
If the breaker trips again, the appliance or the outlet may be defective. Contact Miele or a qualified electrician.
The temperature in the refrigerator or freezer section is too low.Select a warmer temperature.
The Super function is still on.The Super function automatically turns off after:
Refrigerator: approx. 6 hours Freezer: approx. 30 - 60 hours (depending on the amount of food frozen).
The door is not closed.Check that the doors are closed properly.
A large amount of food is being frozen at the same time.This makes the compressor run longer, causing the temperature in the freezer section to fall automatically.
The freezer section is too warm.The room temperature is lower than the ambient temperature for which the appliance is designed.Raise the temperature of the room.
Operating the appliance in a room that is too cold will cause the cooling system to turn off for too long, causing the freezer section to become too warm.
The door to the freezer section will not open.This is not a fault.Wait a few minutes, then try again. It should now open without force.
The suction caused by opening and closing the door too many times in succession prevents it from opening.
The compressor kicks on very frequently and for too long.The ventilation slits are covered or dusty.Clean with a vacuum or brush.
The doors have been opened too frequently, or a large amount of fresh food has been put in at once for freezing.Once the fridge/freezer gets down to the set temperature the compressor will turn off.
The door is not closed.Check that the doors have been closed properly.
The compressor runs continuously.To save energy, the compressor runs at a lower speed, but for longer, when less cooling is required. This is not a fault.
The appliance will not turn off.
The safety lock has been activated.
The interior lighting of the refrigerator section is not working.
Do not remove the cover. Should the cover be damaged or need to be removed due to damage, exercise caution. There are lasers in the lighting (laser beam class 1M) which you should avoid looking at directly. Do not use optical instruments (magnifying glass or similar) to look at the lighting either.
The refrigerator door has been left open for too long.The lighting turns itself off automatically after approx. 15 minutes.
If the lighting does not come on when the door is opened briefly, but the temperature display is working, then the lighting is defective.Contact Miele Technical Service.
The LED lighting should only be repaired/replaced by a Miele service technician. Danger of injury or damage.
The floor of the refrigerator is wet.The drain hole is blocked.Clean the condensate channel and drain hole.
The alarm sounds.The appliance door(s) have been open for longer than 60 seconds.Close the door(s).
The alarm sounds and the temperature display of the freezer section flashes.The freezer door has been opened too frequently.This has caused the temperature in the freezer to rise above the set temperature. Once the temperature has dropped to the correct level again the alarm will stop and the display will stop flashing.
Bars light up or flash in the temperature displays.Only temperatures within the range of the appliance can be shown in the display. Check the display again about 6 hours after turning it on.
A fault code of "F0" to "F5" appears in one of the temperature displays.A fault has occurred. Contact Miele Technical Service.

Miele KWNS 28462 E Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting

MessagePossible cause and solution
Dashes are flashing in the temperature display.Only temperatures within the range of the appliance temperature will be displayed.
Check the temperature in the display about 6 hours after switching the appliance on.
"FO to F5" appears in the display.There is a fault.
Contact Miele Technical Service.
Lock is lit up in the display and the appliance cannot be used.The safety lock has been activated.
Turn off the safety lock
The air filter indicator light lights up in the control panel.This is a reminder to clean the air filter in the appliance plinth.
Clean the air filter . The reset the indicator light via Settings mode
When the ice cube maker is turned on, the indicator light for the ice cube maker flashes in the control panel.The water intake is not open.
Open the water intake.

Miele KF 1801 Vi Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting

IssuePossible faultSolution
Brrrrr...Humming noise made by the compressor. This noise can get louder for brief periods when the motor is switching on.These noises are not a fault. The noise of the compressor and the coolant circulating in the system is unavoidable.
Blubb, blubb...A gurgling noise can be heard when coolant is circulating through the pipes.
Click...Clicking sounds are made when the thermostat switches the compressor on and off.
Sssrrrrr...On multi-zone and frost-free appliances you can sometimes just hear the movement of air circulating inside the appliance.
CreakingCreaking sounds can be heard when material inside the appliance expands.
Rattling, vibratingThe appliance is uneven.Realign the appliance using a level, by raising or lowering the screw feet underneath the appliance.
The appliance is touching another appliance or piece of furniture.Move it away.
Drawers, baskets or shelves are unstable or sticking.Check all removable items and refit them correctly.
Bottles or containers are unstable or knocking against each other.Separate them.
The transport cable clips are hanging loose at the back of the appliance.Remove the clips.