Rangemaster Fridge Freezer troubleshooting

Rangemaster fridge freezer troubleshooting

Rangemaster fridge freezer shouldn’t disappoint you if it malfunctions. If you ask why, the answer is simple. Just use the troubleshooting guide given here and you will see how easy it is to solve the issues with the freezer functioning. Just do everything as described here and the result will come as soon as you expect it to come! If you have doubts, just check!

Rangemaster SxS Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting

Problem Cause/Solution
The appliance fails to work when first connected to the electricity supplyCheck there are no faults with the socket you are using by plugging in an appliance you know to be working
The voltage may be incorrect.
The appliance seems to be continually running.
The appliance will make a sound when first started; this will gradually fade over a period of time.
The door has been opened frequently.
The door isn't properly closed because the seals need cleaning, or are damaged.
The door is damaged - leading to it dropping out of correct alignment with the appliance.
The outer casing of the appliance is warmThe appliance may become warm on the outside when first switched on to prevent condensation forming
The lamp does not workThe appliance is not plugged into the wall socket / a fuse has blown.
The bulb requires replacing
The temperature inside the appliance is not rightThe door has not been closed properly.
The appliance is too close to a heat source, or in direct sunlight.
The vents at the rear are blocked / obstructed
The appliance is making noisesThe appliance is cooled by the compressor, which will make a certain amount of noise when the appliance is switched on. The amount of noise depends on the age of the appliance (older appliances may become noisier), the positioning of the appliance (a levelled appliance is less noisy) and how the appliance is used. During use, you may hear the sound of the refrigerant being circulated, and the sound of it flowing when the compressor is off. The sound of the compressor itself, which is a humming sound and a click when the compressor switches off and on

Rangemaster SxS 663 Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting

The temperature inside the freezer is too low, with the fresh food temperatures fine.The temperature inside the freezer section is set too low.Set the temperature in the freezer slightly higher then wait 24 hours for new balance to be achieved.
The temperature inside the fresh food compartment is too cold, while the freezer sections are fine.The temperature inside the fresh food area is set too low.Set the temperature inside the fresh food section slightly warmer. The temperatures will reach new balance within 24 hours.
The foods stored in the full width pantry are frozen.The control setting in the fresh food area is set too cold.Set the fresh food control setting slightly higher. The new set point temperature will reach a balance within 24 hours.
The foods stored in the crisper are frozen.The settings for the fresh food compartment are too cold.Raising the fresh food control settings to a slightly higher temperature and/or lowering the humidity control setting will prevent frost or ice forming.
Readings on the dispenser display are showing error codes.An electronic operating problem has been encountered.Call your service engineer who can diagnose the problem and make correction.
The freezer drawer sections or fresh food compartment temperatures are too high.The doors are opened frequently or for too long each time.Try to reduce the frequency of opening doors.
The doors are left open.Take extra care to keep gaskets sealing well around the perimeter of the doors.
The temperature is too warm in the freezer but okay in the fresh food section.The temperature setting in the freezer is set too warm.Set the temperature colder for the freezer section.Then allow it to balance within 24 hours at new colder temperature.
The temperature is too warm in the fresh food section but okay in the freezer.The temperature setting in the fresh food section is set too warm.Set the food temperature control slightly colder. The new colder temperature can be achieved within 24 hours.
The temperature inside the crisper is too warm.The fresh food set temperature is too warm.Set the fresh food temperature colder and the balance to colder temperature will be achieved within 24 hours
Moisture formation on the inside of the fridge.It is in a hot or humid environment.Try raising the temperature slightly in the affected compartment.
The door is left open.Check to make sure the door gaskets are clean and sealing well against the metal cabinet frame.
Water forms at underside of the crisper glass covers.Moisture given off from wet foods.When placing foods in the fridge first pat them with a dry cloth to remove excess moisture.
Door seal leaks or frequent door openings in humid environment.Check the door gaskets and reduce door openings. Possibly raise fresh food temperature.
Wet air forms droplets of water on the outside edges of the fridge.Warm, humid air in the environment mixes with cooler air at the door gasket areas of the fresh food and freezer compartments causing condensation.A small amount of dew or water moisture is normal. It is best to wipe it down with a dry cloth to improve performance.
A slight increase in the compartment temperatures can reduce this moisture formation.
Check door gasket for proper seal and clean.
The ice maker does not work properly.Ice cubes are sticking together.Take out the lump of ice cubes, crush it and then return only the separated ice cubes back to the ice cube container.
Ice cubes are too large or too small.Ice maker water supply set incorrectly.Adjust the ice maker water supply.
Cold water not dispensing.The freezer or refrigerator door is not fully closed.Close all appliance doors.
The water supply pipe is not open.Open the water supply line all the way.
The water filter is blocked.Replace the water filter.
7.1 The inside of the fridge is dirty.The inside walls, shelves, and door bins need cleaning. Food in the fridge has been stored beyond its useful life.Clean all inside surfaces with warm water and a clean soft damp cloth then wipe dry.
Wrap and cover foods to extend useful food life.
The door has a closing problemThe door may have food articles or packages that are obstructing closure.Reposition the shelves, door bins, or internal containers to allow the door to close.
The level of the refrigerator is causing the door to shift out of position.Make sure the floor is level using sturdy materials that are also non flammable.
The door could be hitting against adjacent cabinets or appliances.Provide a good 25 mm (1") clearance on all 3 sides and on top of the cabinet so doors can open and close freely.

Rangemaster RWS38 Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting

ProblemPossible CauseRemedy
Unit not cold enough.• Control set too warm.• Adjust temperature colder. Allow 24 hours for temperature to stabilize.
• Airflow to front grille blocked.• Airflow must not be obstructed to front grille.
• Excessive usage or prolonged door openings.• Allow temperature to stabilize for at least 24 hours.
• Door gasket not sealing properly.• Adjust or replace door gasket.
Unit too cold.• Control set too cold.• Adjust temperature warmer. Allow 24 hours for temperature to stabilize.
No interior light inside cabinet.• Failed LED interior light assembly.• Contact a qualified Rangemaster service technician.
Light will not go out when door is closed.• Door not activating light switch.• Verify cabinet is level
• Verify the door is aligned properly
Noise or Vibration.• Unit not level.
Unit will not run.• Unit turned off.• Turn unit on.
• Power cord not plugged in.• Plug in power cord.
• No power at outlet.• Check house circuit.

Rangemaster 70 30 Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting

Problem Solution
My fridge-freezer does not appear to be working / there is no power to my applianceCheck that the plug is fully inserted into the power socket.
Check that there is power to your mains supply (e.g. that there has not been a power cut or that the fuse has not blown).
Check that the thermostat inside the appliance has not been turned to the OFF position.
Check that your mains supply voltage, corresponds to the voltage stated on the rating plate of your appliance.
My fridge-freezer appears to be performing poorlyCheck that the appliance is not overloaded and that food has not been packed too tightly into it.
The thermostat setting is too low: you should turn the thermostat up higher.
Make sure that the door is closing properly and that the door has not been opened for a long period in error.
Make sure that there is sufficient ventilation for your appliance.
My fridge-freezer is noisyThe refrigerant gas that circulates the pipework of the appliance may make a slight noise, even if the compressor is not running.
If the noise worsens or the appliance gets louder than normal check that it is levelled off correctly, that nothing is touching the rear of the freezer and that nothing placed inside the appliance is rattling.
Ice has formed on the inner back wall of my fridge
Check that food has not been pushed too far back inside the appliance, so that it is in contact with the inner back wall.
IMPORTANT: It is normal to get some ice droplets forming on the back wall of the appliance. The formation of ice droplets does not indicate an appliance fault.