Refrigerator display does not work

 samsung refrigerator display not working

The presence of the display in the refrigerator indicates that the refrigerator has electronic control. The device is equipped with an electronic board (module), and failure may indicate serious software failures.

So, you notice that the display of the refrigerator does not work. Before you call the repairman, check the condition of the electric point and cable. Check if there is cold in the cameras and lighting and whether the modes “Vacation”, “Lock Keypad”, “Eco”, etc. are switch off. To understand that the display is out of order is not as easy as it seems. Without special diagnostic equipment to make an unambiguous conclusion is possible only if there are visible traces of mechanical damage.

Causes of refrigerator display failures:

  • defect of control-execution module,
  • mechanical damage (e.g. due to careless transport),
  • defect of the line of the display,
  • damaged contacts.

Not breakages:

  • error codes on the display (this is just a signal of a malfunction of the refrigerator),
  • flashing a specific icon on the screen (refer to the instructions to understand the instrument message),
  • turn off the display after you have closed the refrigerator door (the refrigerator “goes” to the mode of economical power consumption).

What can be considered as failure of the display:

  • the whole segment of the scoreboard is not highlighted,
  • touch screen does not respond to touch,
  • all icons are lit at the same time,
  • display is disabled, although the refrigerator is working properly.

How to repair the display of the refrigerator

 samsung refrigerator display not working

There are two ways to repair the defective display of the refrigerator: to replace the element completely or to replace the wiring of the display. Most often, the repairman prefer the first option, as it is the most rational from an economic point of view. But we are talking about only those cases when the cause of the fault lies in the display. Problems with the screen can be solved by replacing and (or) reflashing of the electronic board.