Refrigerator is making knocking noise

In everyday life, the refrigerator is not too noisy. Most often, only certain sounds are heard from him. Even an ideal unit in its technology cannot work in complete silence. But if its owner hears a knock, then this makes one alert.

  1. If this type of noise is heard from the household appliance, then the evaporator fan is most likely iced up.
  2. Another reason could be the water pipes behind the cooling unit, which are knocking on it or on the wall.
  3. You should also check if the problem is with the ice maker or the plastic parts of the machine.
  4. Sometimes the compressor makes these sounds.

Therefore, before troubleshooting, you need to understand what it is connected with. You should carefully listen to the features of the knock since in different cases its features differ. If it was heard for the first time, then you should not immediately fall into despair. It is necessary to talk about the principles of the origin of these sounds.

Refrigerator is making noise

Ice buildup near the evaporator fan

From the very beginning, you need to understand exactly whether an unpleasant problem is caused by an excessive accumulation of frost and ice next to the indicated part. It is an element of the cooling system of the unit inside its chamber. The evaporator absorbs heat and lowers the temperature, making it easier for the appliance to work. It is equipped with a fan that disperses the frosty air throughout the space.

It performs such actions due to the presence of a motor and rotating blades in its composition. When frost and ice grow near them, they begin to knock. Such interference with their activities should be eliminated immediately. Otherwise, they will begin to constantly touch the frosty clusters, creating interference. It is possible to understand that the reason lies precisely in this because the noise is fractional and constant. It gets loudest when the fan is running. After cleaning it of frost and ice, the problem will be solved. But let’s say the block is too large and difficult to remove. Then you need to defrost the cooling device and let it thaw naturally.

Difficulties with plumbing

It is worth listening very carefully to understand if a knock is heard from the pipes. Appliances equipped with liquid dispensers and ice makers are connected to the water supply through pipes and hoses. They are located between the refrigerator and the wall against which it is leaning.

Difficulties with plumbing

The audible sounds are usually due to the connections hitting the back of the unit or against a wall. A similar thing happens with sudden changes in water pressure in pipes and hoses or under the influence of a water hammer effect.

It will be possible to cope with this problem only with some knowledge of the work of plumbing. First you need to make sure that all connections are tight. Then you need to check the reliability of their fastening. If they are kept on a flat surface, they will not move and hit it. As a result, the noise will no longer be heard.

Trouble with the ice maker

Some models of cooling units are equipped with a built-in ice maker. Then troubleshooting should be here. In order to clarify the situation, it is worth saying that such devices freeze the cubes. They then transfer them to an adjacent container. But some brands and models of equipment give them to the dispenser located on the outside of the door.

The knock coming from the refrigerator is usually provoked by a large piece stuck in the generator. When its moving elements touch a block that interferes with them, a continuous noise is heard from it. It is very easy to get rid of this problem. You just need to remove the stuck ice.

You need to be extremely careful. In order to free the hummock, you can not put a finger or other object into the part. There are moving parts. Therefore, the first step is to disconnect the unit from electricity, and only after that try to get it working.

Trouble with the ice maker

Another method of solving the problem is to defrost the ice machine, as a result of which the stuck cube will simply melt.

Problem with plastic parts

Many owners of cooling devices will be very surprised, but the plastic components lining the internal chamber also sometimes cause a characteristic knock. Recall that inside the unit there are a large number of parts and panels and this material. In addition, they leave a lot of space for the accumulation of large volumes of air.

It is also worth clarifying that the household appliance is not constantly cooled. Periodically, it starts an automatic defrost cycle. Then a heating element is turned on near the evaporator, which can melt large pieces of frost or ice.

Therefore, the equipment will periodically heat up and cool down throughout the day, and the air inside it will expand and contract. Such a process from time to time causes a sensation of a rather loud pop, which is often perceived as a knock. There is nothing to do here, everything is in order. These sounds are not related to any malfunction. On the contrary, they are a natural part of the functioning of the refrigerator and become a sign of its gradual wear after many years of operation.

Compressor obsolescence

After the main part of the previously mentioned main causes is completely excluded, you should think about the functioning of this part. It can also become a source of unpleasant noises. The specified element is the center of the freezing system of the unit. It processes the refrigerant and passes it through the hermetic structure given to it.

Compressor obsolescence

The compressor, as a rule, serves more than ten years. But, if a knock is constantly heard from it, then most likely it is broken or there is a damaged part inside it. It’s a pity, but it’s impossible to cope with such problems or repair the element on your own. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ruled that only people who are properly educated and certified may repair the refrigerator’s sealed system. In this case, its compressor is also implied.

The only way out of this situation is to contact a knowledgeable and licensed master dealing with the elimination of such malfunctions. Most likely, he will recommend replacing the broken part with a new one. If the household appliance was bought a long time ago, then you need to think about acquiring a new one.


What is the fastest way to defrost equipment?
The most efficient way is to start the defrost cycle. As a result, the heating element is activated, which can melt the frost and ice inside it. The instructions for starting this system vary depending on the brand and model of the refrigerator, so it’s worth just finding the user manual and reading it carefully.

Is it possible to defrost the unit without turning it off?
There are a number of tried and tested methods for defrosting the chamber while it is on. For example, a suitable cycle of the cooling device can be activated.

Is it allowed to use a hair dryer to get rid of ice near the evaporator fan?
Such equipment must not be used, as its use may be dangerous. Such precautions are especially important in relation to the evaporator fan. Its blades are made of plastic and exposure to hot steam emitted by a hair dryer can cause them to deform or break.

Is it possible that the ice maker does not make unpleasant sounds?
You can make its operation in the unit quieter by removing the frost accumulated in the working elements. Turning off this part will also stop the noise until there is an effective way to completely eliminate it.

Can the compressor of a household appliance be repaired?
Sometimes the wizard can bring this component back to normal. But when noise is heard, it usually becomes clear that its life is coming to an end. Therefore, it is better to periodically install a new part.