Samsung evaporator fan isn’t working

If the Samsung refrigerator is exposed to excessive overheating, then the internal fan is most likely broken. This type of failure prevents the unit from reducing the temperature sufficiently so that food can be safely contained in it. Therefore, it is necessary to make an urgent repair. If a given part of a Samsung home appliance stops functioning normally, it is usually:

  1. Ice has accumulated in it.
  2. A foreign object has entered its cavity, interfering with the rotation of the blades.
  3. Motor burnout is possible.
  4. The door switch has broken.
  5. Of great importance is the failure of the main control board, which loses the ability to drive the fan.

Samsung evaporator fan

This manual will tell you how to deal with the problems of the specified part in the Samsung cooling device.

Causes of equipment failure

There is a whole list of the most important factors that significantly disrupt the overall functioning of the fan. Some of them are more complex, others are less. Therefore, you need to list them all.

Evaporator icing

First, you need to find out very precisely what such a part is for. It constantly rotates inside Samsung in order to distribute cold air evenly. As a result, the jet is blown around the coils. The fan is constantly spinning and therefore the temperature drops even in the remote corners of the chamber. In this way, it evenly covers all the products, preventing the occurrence of warm spots inside the refrigerator.

There is one main reason why the part in question stops working. It consists of the fact that ice accumulates near its blades. Over a considerable period, its heaps become more and more significant and, finally, do not allow the fan to rotate. Gradually, a knock begins to be heard inside the chamber. After a while, the owner of the household appliance discovers that it is warm in it, but the cooling does not work.

The problem is solved by melting the ice and freeing the part. There are various methods for eliminating such a problem, which take a different amount of time and effort from the owner of the equipment. The easiest way to unfreeze Samsung. Just turn it off and leave the door open.

You can also remove the non-working fan and also leave it warm for a while. But before that, you will have to remove the back panel of the refrigerator to gain access to the part for disconnection and repair.

Evaporator icing

A foreign object stuck in the fan

Such a problem does not occur often, but sometimes a foreign inclusion gets inside the element in question. Particles that are strong in composition interfere with the rotation of its blades, due to which it ceases to function. They can become pieces of cardboard packaging that have come off it and stuck there.

Coping with such a difficulty is simple, but it takes enough strength. First of all, it is necessary to remove foreign objects. But first you need to disconnect the unit from electricity in order to avoid injury.

Fan motor burnout

This Samsung home appliance part includes two parts: blades and motor. When it is supplied with current from the cooling device itself, it starts to spin. As a result, the air is directed to where it should be.

Another cause of fan failure is its burnout. Typically, such a malfunction occurs due to a short circuit, most often occurring during power surges. But sometimes it also occurs due to the accumulation of ice. Its blocks pile up near the part and the motor begins to work with overloads to provide rotation. As a result, if such a process continues for too long, the engine may burn out.

Evaporator fan motor problem

There are several signs that indicate this type of malfunction. Most often, the owner of the equipment will feel the smell of burning when opening its door. It is possible that when examining the internal space of Samsung on the motor, it will be possible to notice traces of burns.

If such a malfunction has already been identified, then you will have to purchase a new fan. First you need to remove the back wall of the refrigerator compartment and gain access to the engine, which will need to be disconnected and removed. Then you need to put it on the purchased item in the appropriate place and return the panel back.

Door switch malfunction

The fan does not start functioning until the unit is completely sealed. Therefore, the detail mentioned in the title is very important, which significantly affects its operation. It signals the main control board to close the appliance door. If everything goes as it should, the fan will turn on.

Let’s say the owner of the cooling device did a check and noticed that everything was working fine. Then the cause of the malfunction most often lies in the breakdown of the door switch, which does not allow this function to be turned on. When the fan breaks, a false message is sent to the main control board that the door is not closed. Therefore, it does not emit the required electricity.

In this situation, it is worthwhile to carry out a complete inspection of the equipment and change the door switch. He is inside her, at the top.

Door switch malfunction

First, you need to remove its upper wall to gain access to the wiring. Then it will be possible to disconnect and remove the desired part to check it for continuity of electric current using a multimeter. If it turned out that the problem lies in it, then you should change it to a new one.

Breakage of the main control board

This element is the think tank of Samsung. It is a small printed circuit board (PCB) that controls all its details and is responsible for the functioning of the refrigerator and the safety of food in it. If it has already become clear that all the previous factors are not to blame for the failure of the unit, then most likely something happened right here. One or more parts of the board have a short circuit or other malfunction. It was they who did not allow the household appliance to use its fan as expected.

Sorry, but this item cannot be repaired. Therefore, its breakdown must be established with the utmost accuracy. All other causes must be ruled out without a doubt. If everything is accurately verified, then you need to go to the store to purchase a new board. It is located on the back wall of the Samsung cooling device in a separate compartment covered with an access panel. Therefore, it is worth going through a number of steps:

  • delete a part;
  • then disconnect the electrical cables inside it;
  • release the board by acting on the clips holding it in place;
  • insert a new part;
  • connect the wiring in the same way as before.


Does Samsung have a fan?
Yes, it provides for the presence of a couple of such details. One of them is located in the chamber and is intended for the evaporator. The other is mounted near the compressor at the back of the refrigerator and serves as a condenser.

How to access this item in Samsung?
In order to get to the evaporator fan, the rear wall of the chamber must be removed. Before that, you need to remove everything from it in advance and remove the shelves. The required part is located at the back, at the bottom of the refrigerator near the compressor.

Why is the fan in the Samsung unit noisy?
Sometimes during the operation of a household appliance, uncharacteristic sounds are heard that are heard when the fan rotates. As a rule, they arise due to interference with the functioning of its blades. Most often they are ice growths or foreign objects stuck inside.

What happens if the cooling unit fan stops working?
If this piece of technology does not work, then Samsung will not cool down to the required mark. Therefore, inside it will be warmer than necessary.

How to determine if the motor of a given refrigerator capacitor element is broken?
It is required to investigate the condition of the unit’s condenser fan located on its rear wall. Such an element is turned on every time the compressor starts to operate. If their interaction is disrupted, then it will be necessary to state that the part is out of order.