Samsung Fridge Freezer not Working When the Fridge is Against the Wall

Samsung Fridge Freezer not Working When the Fridge is Against the Wall

Description of the issue: The freezer stops working properly when the refrigerator is standing at its usual place by the wall. The ice is not harvesting, the temperature is not low enough to keep the food frozen. What is important, this can be said only about the freezer, while the refrigerator side keeps working as it should.

When you pull the fridge away from the wall and leave it for at least eight hours, the freezer starts working again (the ice starts to appear, the food gets frozen). As soon as you push the appliance back and place it against the wall, the problem reappears: there is no ice, the food thaws.

Check whether the evaporator coils are not frosted over

Inside your refrigerator, there are evaporator coils responsible for making the inside of the fridge cold. If the evaporator coils are blocked with ice, the cooling capacity is reduced.

One of the reasons for the frost buildup on the evaporator coils can be that the defrost heater assembly is broken. When the defrost heater assembly works properly, it turns on several times a day and melts away the frost that has gathered on the evaporator coils. When the defrost heater assembly stops working properly, the evaporator coils get blocked by the ice and the air cannot run through them. As a result, your freezer does not cool.

This is why the first thing to do if your freezer won’t work is to check whether the evaporator coils are not frosted over.

Check whether the evaporator fan motor is working

You can find the evaporator fan motor in the back of the freezer. This part is responsible for circulating the cold air through the food compartment (over the refrigerator coils). When the fan gets broken, the temperature inside the freezer or fridge goes up.

To find out whether the evaporator fan motor is working, turn the fan blade manually. If you cannot easily turn the fan blade (you feel it is stuck), you will have to remove it and install a new one.

Also, listen to the motor. Is it making too much noise? If yes, it is probably faulty, and it is the reason why you have your Samsung fridge freezer not working. Just replace the motor.

The evaporator fan motor won’t run at all? In this case, test the motor windings for continuity (you will need a multimeter for this). You will need to install a new motor if the windings do not have continuity.

Check the damper control assembly

Make sure the damper control assembly opens properly and is not broken or stuck closed. If the damper control is stuck, it cannot let enough cold air into the fridge.