Samsung fridge not cooling: problems, repair and service tips

There may be several reasons why the Samsung refrigerator does not cool: failure of the evaporator fan, compressor failure, etc. To find the weak link in the system, it is necessary to conduct a visual inspection and test the installed equipment, and then replace or repair it.

In most cases, the reason for insufficient cooling of the refrigerator is frost, which interferes with normal air circulation. Ice is formed due to a breakdown of the thermostat, evaporator fan, and temperature sensor.

If both chambers (freezer and refrigeration) do not function on a Samsung refrigerator, this may signal a compressor failure, a clogged filter-drier, or a refrigerant leak.

The freezer works, but the refrigerator does not, what to do

The freezer works, but the refrigerator does not, what to do

Your task is to sequentially perform a series of operations to identify the problem, and then carry out repair work. If any element fails, it will need to be replaced.

Buy only original spare parts. Do not forget to unplug the equipment from the network, so as not to get under voltage.

Frozen evaporator coils

Coils can become covered with frost or a layer of frost. They must be cleaned to ensure normal air circulation, then pay attention to the defrost temperature sensor and replace it if necessary (located on the right wall of the refrigerator).

Frozen evaporator coils

Problems with the drainage hole are indicated by water that has accumulated at the bottom. It must be cleaned to ensure normal draining. If this is not done, the water will evaporate, causing the evaporator fan to freeze.

Frozen evaporator fan

The fan accelerates the cold air inside, ensuring the cooling of the products. If they began to deteriorate faster, you need to see if the snow interferes with the fan, which blocks the rotation of the blades.

If you have a refrigerator with doors located horizontally relative to each other, do the following:

  1. Open the doors, close the left, attach a magnet to the right side of the refrigerator to simulate the closing of the right door.
  2. Wait a few seconds for the fan to start moving.

If this does not happen, most likely, the fan is out of order or clogged with snow.

Defrost heater problems

Defrost heater problems

If all refrigerator systems are operating normally, frost will not form inside the refrigerator. But if there is a breakdown somewhere, the cold air will not be able to move freely, as a result of which the products will not be cooled to the set temperature.

The evaporator heater turns on periodically and does not give frost, and then snow and ice to appear. To understand that the problem is in it, you need to remove the protective wall inside the refrigerator, gaining access to the condenser. If it is covered in snow, it is likely that the heating element is out of order.

Defrost timer not working

The timer starts heating the heater and stops the compressor. In turn, he receives information about the presence of excess build-up of frost from a special sensor. The defrost timer is programmed and turns on and off automatically after certain periods of time. If it breaks or does not work correctly, heating and subsequent evaporation of frost does not occur. Gradually, snow growths reach large sizes, completely preventing the movement of air.

Defrost timer not working

Temperature sensor malfunction

This element is responsible for temperature control. It transmits reading data to the control board, after which power is supplied to the evaporator fan or compressor. If the sensor does not work, the refrigerator stops functioning normally. The sensor is inexpensive and easy to replace.

Defrost thermostat malfunction

The thermostat provides power to the heater. If it is broken, the heater does not respond to the formation of snow buildup.

Activating the forced freeze mode

Sometimes the problem can be solved by starting the forced defrosting process. This can be done by pressing a certain combination of buttons.

  • Freezer + lighting.
  • Energy saving + refrigerator.

Hold down the buttons and keep them pressed for 8 seconds. As soon as you hear a beep, click LIGHTING several times until the FD command appears on the display. After that, the defrost element is activated, the ice will begin to melt.

Activating the forced freeze mode

If it was not possible to turn on the forced defrost, look at the instruction manual of the device and follow the steps described there. If there is no manual, download it from the Internet.

The forced defrost mode can be started in another way. To do this, disconnect the refrigerator from the 220 V network and wait at least 20 minutes.

After everything is thawed, turn on the equipment and leave it to work for a while. After 1 hour, open the door and see what conditions the food is in. If the air temperature is high, look for a broken component and replace it with a new one.

Most likely you are unlikely to find the right part in your city, only if you do not live in a metropolis. Therefore, search on marketplaces or order in online stores. In order not to mistakenly buy another item, remove yours from the refrigerator and look at the number there. Type it into a search engine, write the name of the element you are looking for, find sites where you can buy it and do it.

If you can’t handle it, contact a service centre that specializes in repairing Samsung equipment. The craftsmen may have the right part, or they will order it themselves. But in this case, repairing the refrigerator will cost you more.

What to do if both chambers of the Samsung refrigerator do not work

In the first part of the article, we considered the problems with defrosting and cooling food in the freezer. But it also happens that both refrigeration and freezer do not work. In this case, the food quickly deteriorates, an unpleasant smell appears inside, and the refrigerator cannot be used. We urgently need to take action.

Next, consider the main breakdowns that lead to the failure of both refrigerator chambers.

Compressor inverter board burnt out

Compressor inverter board burnt out

A refrigerator is useless without a compressor. It has several functions and all of them are critical. The inverter board is responsible for supplying power to this element. It can regulate its operation by increasing or decreasing the speed, as a result, the temperature inside will be either more or less.

The inverter board can be checked with a multimeter. It is necessary to remove the voltage at the input and output.

Compressor failure

If the compressor works, makes buzzing sounds, but there is no cold in the chambers, then it has lost its effectiveness. If it doesn’t work at all, then you need to change it or carry it in for repair. The cost of repairs is from 10 to 25 thousand rubles, depending on the specific model. Think about it, maybe it makes sense to buy a new refrigerator, and sell the old one for spare parts. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from buying a new compressor and putting it in place of the old one. But it also costs a lot.

A refrigerant leak has occurred in a sealed system

Owners of not only Samsung refrigerators but also any others, face such a problem, after all, the device of the equipment and the principle of its operation are the same. First of all, you need to check the system for leaks, find the place, and then take corrective measures. Refrigerant leakage affects compressor operation. It starts to overheat and fails faster.

A refrigerant leak has occurred in a sealed system

If the system is sealed, the refrigerant moves in the direction from the compressor to the evaporator coils, and then back. If there is even a hole in the copper pipe system, the refrigerant will begin to escape and evaporate.

Dryer filter problem

The filter removes moisture from the refrigerant and prevents the capillary tube from clogging. If it is clogged, the refrigerant flow will be insufficient because the compressor will not be able to pump it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Next, we have prepared for you a list of questions that Samsung refrigerator owners ask and given answers to them. See if this can help you.

New Samsung refrigerator not cooling
Check if the refrigerator is in demo mode. Pay attention to the display. See the inscription “OF” or “FF”? If so, demo mode must be disabled.
How to disable demo mode:

  1. Press the alarm and freezer buttons at the same time. Hold until you hear a beep.
  2. If it doesn’t help, add another button – “refrigerator”. Hold all 3, and wait for the signal.

Information for owners of Family Hub refrigerators: activate the cooling mode in the settings.

The refrigerator is noisy and not cooling
Open the wall, and inspect the fan. Perhaps its blades touch the ice growths, so there is a specific noise. If the noise disappears after opening the door, the problem is definitely ice buildup behind the TWIN COOLING panel.

Refrigerator not cooling after a power outage
A sudden power outage may cause the refrigerator to stop cooling food properly. We recommend that you pay attention to the inverter board, which is responsible for supplying energy to the compressor. Due to a power surge, it may fail.
First, reset your settings. To do this, disconnect the equipment from the household network and wait 5 minutes. Then turn on the refrigerator and leave it in this state for 10 minutes. If nothing has changed, set the temperature in the compartments again. If this does not help, contact the service centre, and they will fix the breakdown.
Why wait 10 minutes? This is necessary to restore pressure in the system.

Contact only an authorized service centre, especially when your warranty has not yet expired.