Samsung Ice Maker Is Out Of Order

Each year all the household appliances are improving, getting innovative functions, and progressive design. One of the examples is the new generation refrigerators, which are now equipped with numerous functions, including ice-making. Modern Samsung units produce about 100-120 ice cubes a day, pounded or chilled water.

What is an ice maker and how does it work?

The ice maker is designed for cooking food ice. In a complex with it the system of connection to a water pipe, filtering of incoming water, container under ice cubes, the dispenser is used. In the device, there can be a mill and a chute for freezing.

The ice maker does not freeze the water, it opens the valve for filling the molds with water, measures the temperature, turns on the blade engine to push out the ice.

The advantages of using the built-in ice maker:

  • automation of ice production and storage;
  • versatility – obtaining chilled or frozen water;
  • various model modifications.

Dispenser serves for chilled water or ice delivery, without opening the refrigerator door. In this case, the device protects against contact of liquid and products in the fridge.

The ice generator is set up to give out cold water, ice, crumbs in the amount up to 4 kg per day. Unused product is not stored. The unused product melts and makes fresh cubes. Depending on the design, it is possible to get the portion through a dispenser or by pulling out a special container.

The product is frozen by blowing cold air, according to the classic scheme of the re-frigerator or technologically cooled water.

What can cause the issues with the ice maker?

There is a pretty big list of possible explanations for your Samsung ice-maker not working properly.

Water Filling Pipes

Look at the ice mold in the ice machine. If there is no ice or too little ice, the next stop is the water filling system: the filling bowl and tube on the back of the ice maker. If they are frozen, check that there is a blockage in the tube that could keep water from pouring into the cup as it should be.Is the inlet valve closed? Is the water pressure normal? To prevent these malfunctions, the problem can be solved by disconnecting the refrigerator, removing the inlet tube that runs between the fill valve and the ice maker, and cleaning or replacing this tube.

Water inlet valve

Samsung Ice Maker Is Out Of Order Water inlet valve

The water for the ice maker moves into the fridge from the main supply line for the house, and the unit in the valve that allows the water in the fridge may be what keeps your car from ice.

So turn off the household power to this valve and remove the inlet tube to see if it has a small screen for debris that might be clogged.  If it does, clean the screen so that the water returns to the ice machine.
Check the inlet pipe for blockage and make sure the manual water shutoff valve is clean and clean inside.  f the ice maker fills the tube freezes, you may need to in-crease the water pressure at home so that water does not flow into the ice maker, or there may be dirt or a defect in the water inlet valve. Before you decide to replace the water valve, make sure that the power reaches it properly. To check the electrical function of the water inlet valve, turn off the refrigerator and turn off the water supply to it. Remove the back panel and trace the water pipe from the ice maker to the valve to open the solenoid inlet valve, which is responsible for turning on the water flow. Test this solenoid with a multimeter to determine if it is continuous. The electricity that is supplied to this solenoid comes from ice control.

Filter for ice and water

If your fridge is the type that offers filtered water for drinking or ice, it may happen that your ice machine does not put out ice as it used to because the filter is clogged. A dirty filter reduces the amount of water that gets into your ice machine, so replace this filter twice a year or more if your area has hard water. Check the user manual under “Maintenance” to find the location of the filter in your particular fridge; it’s usually easy to get somewhere in the open area of the fridge where your food is stored.

Installing and installing an ice maker

Once you’ve eliminated the excess ice on the ice machine parts as a problem, and checked the waterline, the next place to go to diagnose an ice failure is to check the ice. Most ice machines use heat so the cubes can fall from the trays to the container. An ice machine is designed for testing, but it is a live voltage test, so bring in a technician.