Samsung refrigerator error code 41

Samsung refrigerator error code 41

The 41 Error code can appear on the display of your Samsung refrigerator, equipped with the Family Hub system. It is the software, installed on the appliances of the latest generation, which allows you and all members of your family to enjoy a number of functions such as music and entertainment, product ordering, and even real-time show of what is inside the fridge.

With the appearance of this code ( sometimes you can see the 42 ) the refrigerator doesn’t lose its main function, cold generation, but all the Family Hub functions are not available.

What can cause the 41 Error?

The indication of the 41 Error code can be connected to a temporary system glitch, caused by a power surge or internet signal loss. Another possible reason for this numeric combination to appear on the Samsung fridge display is the lost connection between the modules of the Family Hub system.

How to fix the 41 Error?

This Error code is pretty “popular0 for the latest Samsung models, and in most cases, it can be fixed quickly and without any professional support.

Most often this combination appears when the Family Hub software loses connection or your WiFi goes off. So the system just needs to be rebooted.

Samsung refrigerator error code 41 reboot

To reboot the Family Hub find the Power switch on the top of the right door, from the inside. Press it until the device turns off, wait for a few seconds and switch it back on to see whether the code disappeared or not. In most cases, this is more than enough to fix the situation and start using the refrigerator again. Just one more thing you can do is to install a surge protection outlet, in order to keep yourself and your appliances safe from power surges and system glitches in the future.

But sometimes the simple reboot is not enough, and the 41 code stays on the display, blinking and asking for help. This means that the software has to be updated, and this is where you will need professional service support. The specialists will be able to quickly examine the platform and download all the necessary additions to the system.