Samsung refrigerator error code 5E

Samsung refrigerator error code 5 e

If you see the 5E Error code on the display of your Samsung refrigerator, this most likely means your appliance is having some issues with the No Frost system and the extra ice is being accumulated inside the fridge.

Sometimes the 5E code comes together with 22E, this means the fan is blocked by the ice on the walls of your fridge and it can lead to an uneven temperature in the tank (some walls can be cold and some warm).

In rare cases, the device can switch off after showing the 5E combination on the screen. It happens when the temperature in the fridge rises, as the defrosting process does not stop.

What can cause the 5E Error?

There can be three most common explanations for the 5E code indication on the fridge’s display:

  • A one-time system glitch;
  • A defrost system malfunction;
  • A failure of the control unit.

In most cases, the reason is in the defrost sensor, which is responsible for communication between the heating element of the appliance and its timer. The main function of the sensor is to send signals to the timer when the heater stops operating and the contacts open up, to start the defrosting process.

How to fix the 5E Error?

First of all, you have to eliminate the system glitch from the list of possible reasons for the code appearance. You can whether unplug the device for 10-15 minutes or reset the error by pressing and holding PowerFreeze and PowerCool buttons for 5-10 secs. The buttons are on the top of the control panel.

Samsung refrigerator error code 5 e ice

If the code is still indicated on the display after the reboot, you need to proceed with the examination of the inner elements. But before testing the sensor and its wiring, check the chamber of the fridge and if there is too much ice in its walls, melt it with the hairdryer. The code may disappear after this manipulation, as the cold air starts circulating properly in the cabin. Reset the error code before melting the ice if you haven’t done it yet.

Samsung refrigerator error code 5 e defrog sensor

To get to the defrost sensor, remove the back panel of the fridge. First, check all the contacts and connections with the multimeter. Replace or repair the damaged ones and tighten up the loosen wires. This is very important, as through these connections the sensor sends signals to the main module. In the worst cases, the whole harness should be replaced.

If the wires are fine, check the defrost sensor itself. It can not be repaired in case of a failure but has to be replaced. So don’t forget to take pictures of how it was connected, not to mess anything up.

If none of the above steps helped you in eliminating the 5E Error code, then most likely the reason for it is in the control module malfunction. It could have happened after the power surge, which leads to some of the contacts burning-out. You can check for damages by yourself and try to clean or replace the broken contacts, but even if you manage to fix it, it won’t last long. It is recommended to replace the whole module, and this is the work for professional repairmen.