The importance and necessity of reset the control panel in the Samsung refrigerator

Samsung refrigerators are of high quality, but even such units face certain breakdowns throughout their life cycle. Not all problems involve complex expensive repairs. Some of them can be solved by cleaning or rebooting the unit itself or its control panel.

A factory reset is extremely useful in the event of a crash or a momentary error. It is also impossible to do without it in the event of elimination of fault codes, as well as after the repair of individual parts or their replacement. Simply turn off the power, press Power Cool and Power Freeze, and then continue using the device as before.

reset the control panel

In what cases is it necessary to reset the control panel settings in the Samsung refrigerator?

You need to answer this question before starting work. Otherwise, if some points are not taken into account, the risk will increase that the reset will be done in vain, or rather, it will lead to nothing. Done right, resetting can save time and prevent frustration when troubleshooting.

Dealing with crashes and other short-term errors

In any Samsung refrigerator, a lot of electronic elements are involved. Especially on the control panel. Unfortunately, in this case, there are glitches, or short-term errors. As a result, some functions of the device stop working.

For example, sometimes users notice that the control panel does not respond to their actions. This usually happens due to a power outage. Despite the absence of damage, a failure can cause just such a problem. And sometimes the panel freezes for no apparent reason. With a reset, you can reset the panel and use the device again.

Troubleshooting Error Codes

Troubleshooting Error Codes

If you have problems with error codes, resetting the panel will definitely help. Moreover, it will work, even if they are connected to the control panel or all kinds of refrigerator sensors.

Cleaning and repair or replacement of parts

In this case, the reset also plays a decisive role. Assuming that the owner repairs or changes one or another part that is responsible for the failure of the device, he may subsequently find that the unit is still not functional. With the help of a quick reset, the refrigerator, like the control panel, will be able to boot up instantly, and all its components will work properly.

Moving or transporting the refrigerator

After the arrival of the car with the unit from the store or warehouse to the house, as well as between two residential addresses, resetting the panel could be a great solution. It would also help with the transfer of household appliances from one corner of the kitchen to another. A quick reboot can ensure the rational operation of the device and its individual parts before its full use.

Moving or transporting the refrigerator

Activating demo mode

In the devices of this brand, it is built-in, and when it is turned on, the refrigerator stops working, only the lighting inside is functional. This option is useful when demonstrating home appliances in a store or troubleshooting. In some situations, if the panel settings are reset, this mode is deactivated by itself, although some models have a special button for this. The best way to understand how to proceed is to read the user manual.

Features of resetting the Samsung refrigerator panel settings

Cyclic power up

This process will take a total of 5 minutes and will allow you to reset the control panel and the entire unit. Procedure:

  • unplug the refrigerator from the mains, in addition, you can turn off the automatic system that supplies power to the device;
  • do not touch household appliances for 5 minutes, during all this time any electricity will dissipate naturally, which may cause the panel to reboot;
  • it remains to connect the refrigerator to the power source again, it may take several hours to stabilize the temperature regime.

Cyclic power up

Press and hold combination

Another common reset method. All that is required from the user is to press and hold Power Cool and Power Freeze for 5 seconds. You can find out that the reset was successful by a signal in the form of a sound. It will notify you that the process is successful. The exact combination of buttons may be different in some models of this brand. Therefore, before starting to operate, it is necessary to read the operating instructions. This approach will provide additional information.

Pressing the reset button

Brand models belonging to the Samsung Family Hub category suggest using another method to reset the control panel settings. The fact is that these products are equipped with a red switch. It is located inside the device, on top of the right door. So, to solve the problem, you need to turn it off for a few seconds, and then turn it on. This step will reboot the control panel, which will ensure its normal functioning in the future.

Reset to factory settings

Reset to factory settings

This option can also be useful, besides, it is not so difficult to perform the actions. You can use a special menu called “Settings”. It is located on the control panel. It is required to solve several tasks at the same time, and the list of actions is as follows:

  • first you need to select “O Family Hub”;
  • after that, stop at the option “reset factory data”;
  • then you just need to press reset;
  • then a request will appear, and you need to repeat this action;
  • Finally, it remains to select the option associated with deleting all data without exception.

Compared to the third method, factory reset is considered more effective. After all, it allows you to delete absolutely all settings, as well as files that were installed through the Family Hub control panel.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Does the Samsung refrigerator have a special reset button?
No, she’s not. However, a number of models, as already noted, have a special red switch inside. It will not be difficult to use it to carry out a reset. If your refrigerator has such an option, you can find it on the top of the right door.

Why did my Samsung brand refrigerator stop cooling?
It refuses to properly perform its functions in the case of working in demo mode. After all, this option involves turning off the functions of the refrigerator, despite the fact that the interior lighting continues to be turned on. Depending on the specific device model, resetting the settings may deactivate this mode.

Why is the touch screen not displaying correctly?
Most often, it stops working fully after a power outage. For example, if there are interruptions in the supply of electrical energy, or the voltage drops, especially when it drops suddenly. All this, one way or another, leads to a malfunction of the screen. If the user correctly resets the refrigerator, the display will work again.

How long can a Samsung refrigerator last?
In total, he can work up to 15 years, but on condition that the owner provides him with competent and rational care. However, no one is immune from errors that may appear and manifest themselves at any time. The probability of their occurrence increases as the service life of the device approaches the end. For this reason, the owner must definitely know how to reset the refrigerator in order to avoid all sorts of errors.

Should I go to a refrigerator repair shop or do it myself?
It can be immediately noted that if the device is only a few years old (no more than 5), it is definitely worth repairing. If the period of its operation is impressive, that is, it is coming to an end (usually 10-15 years), in this case it is not worth initiating repair work or measures to replace parts. Perhaps it is much easier, more convenient and cheaper to invest in a new model. Fortunately, today they are presented on the market in a wide variety, and it is not difficult to choose the optimal product.