The Refrigerator is Freezing Food

One of the most important functions of your fridge is to cool and keep food and drinks fresh. But if your device freezes like a freezer, the effect is not very good – instead of chilled fresh food you get it frozen and you will hardly be able to eat it.

The proper temperature values in the main chamber should be at +5 degrees. In the Fresh Zone, the temperature may be slightly lower. This temperature is enough to keep the food fresh for a long time. But if there is something wrong with your ap-pliance — it starts to freeze too much.

Possible reasons for freezing

To find out what the reason is, start with a trivial check of all the settings.

If you have a mechanical fridge, the position of the arrow on the temperature regulator should be somewhere between 2 and 3,5.  And if it is very hot in the room, you do not need to force the compressor to work too hard and twist the maximum mark on the temperature regulator. If your fridge is in order, it will be able to cope with its functions even in the heat, and if you make it freeze too hard, it may fail.

If you have an electronically controlled refrigerator, choose a temperature of about 4-6 degrees.

If such a simple check shows that everything is fine, but the fridge is very cold and does not want to stop freezing, it is quite possible that a malfunction will or has al-ready occurred.

Sometimes, foodstuffs are only frozen in the upper chamber of the fridge, the freezer works in the same mode. Why is she freezing so hard?  There are several reasons:

  • Malfunction of the thermoregulator, and then the compressor works without stop-ping, the walls of the chamber are covered with ice, food freezes.
  • The door is not tightly closed or the sealing rubber is broken.  Ice is freezing on the back wall, food is freezing.  At the bottom of the chamber, there is a puddle – snow melts from the warm air.  The compressor works.
  • The drainage hole clogged up during the drip defrost.  At the bottom of the chamber, puddles turn into ice, creating a cold sole on which food is frozen.
  • If the fridge is running without stopping, it could be caused by freon leakage.
  • It makes sense to check if the appliance is in freezing mode, then the fridge works without stopping, it will get very frosty in both chambers.

There is a pretty big list of possible reasons for your appliance freezing the food. Let’s take a close look at the most common ones:

1. Too much ice in the freezer compartment.

The Refrigerator is Freezing Food Too much ice in the freezer compartment

Possible explanation: The door closes loosely (maybe the fridge is not leveled or the seal on the door is worn out). The unit is trying to catch up with the missing cold, so it freezes heavily.  As a result, snow or ice appears on the walls, and foodstuffs start to freeze.

What to do: calibrate the position of the fridge by level or solve the problem with the door gasket replacement.

2. Frost in the fridge and ice in the fruits and vegetable compartments.

Possible explanation: A drain hole clogging. The clogged drain hole prevents the condensate from leaving the chamber. Water accumulates at the bottom of the fridge and freezes there.

What to do: The drain must be cleaned.

3. The fridge is too cold and the freezer is not working. 

In this case, the work of the motor-compressor is almost uninterrupted, it rarely stops.

Possible explanation: A clogging of the refrigerator capillary. Because of a plug, the compressor cannot pump the Freon liquid through the system.

What to do: The system needs to be cleaned and freon recharged. It may be nec-essary to change the oil (it is the oil that may cause capillary clogging).

The Refrigerator is Freezing Food The system needs to be cleaned and freon recharged

 4. The electromechanical refrigerator just freezes heavily, without any addi-tional symptoms. 

Possible explanation: The temperature regulator is out of order. If the thermostat is broken, the control unit does not receive a signal that the temperature selected by the user has already been reached, so the compressor does not stop working.

What to do: The thermostat has to be replaced.

 5. The refrigerator with electronic control freezes heavily.

Possible explanation: The air sensor malfunction. The main function of this detector is to transmit temperature data to the control board. If the control board does not receive any data, the compressor does not stop working.
What to do: The air sensor must be replaced.

 6. The unit with 1 compressor (not single-chamber) freezes heavily in the main chamber, while the freezer is warm.

Possible explanation: The valve responsible for switching of compressor operation from one chamber to another is broken. If the valve is sticky, food freezes in one chamber and melts in the other.

What to do: Replace the valve.

NoFrost fridge is freezing hard

No Frost is considered a modern system for transmitting cold from the evaporator to the camera. The evaporator radiator is located behind the wall and there is a fan that forces air out of the chamber through the gaps between the cold tubes, taking away the cold. Cold air enters the chamber, and heated air with moisture approaches the evaporator, leaving frost on the tubes.  When the compressor stops, the TAN is periodically turned on and the melted water is drained.

The Refrigerator is Freezing Food Freezer drain clogged

Why does the refrigerator with NoFrost start to get very cold?  The evaporator and the entire air-cooling system are in the freezer compartment.  The cold chamber gets cold through a duct with a flap.  If the evaporator tube defrost system does not work, the evaporator becomes icy and the heat transfer decreases.

There is not enough cold in the upper chamber, the compressor will work, cold air will be constantly coming in. So because of the constantly working compressor, the chamber will start freezing heavily. At this time the freezing chamber freezes heavily in the refrigerator. Later the fan will stop, its blades will freeze or it will jam.  The temperature will start to rise in both chambers.


There are many reasons for freezing in the refrigeration chamber, and there is not always room for ordinary clogging or tangled temperature mark – sometimes it is a serious failure and you can not fix it without calling a professional repairman.

Each chamber of the refrigerator should operate within the range of set temperatures. Cooling below the permitted limit is a malfunction.  Sometimes the cause of food freezing depends on the incorrectly set temperature controller, but more often it is necessary to run a professional diagnostic.