The Refrigerator Service Life

Refrigerators and freezers have become an inevitable part of everyone’s life. It’s hard to imagine how people ever lived without these appliances, helping us to keep the food and drinks fresh and chilled.

The main function of a fridge is to extend the shelf life of foods, which saves the family budget. But modern refrigerators are more than just a cold cabinet with a compressor.

The new generation devices are equipped with complicated programs and functions, which can run self-diagnostics, signalizes about any breakages, save energy, and even order food.

In addition, the compulsory No Frost system is installed, thanks to which there is no need to defrost the refrigerator. The thing is that the refrigerators with this system have a relay timer, which alternately turns on the cooling compressor and heating element that evaporates excess moisture. It does not allow water to accumulate as ice crystals on the refrigerator walls.

All these factors increase the cost of the refrigerator. And of course, we all want our expensive appliances to work as long as possible.

When buying a new refrigerator, not all of us think about its service life. But it is ob-viously one of the most important characteristics of any fridge.

What is the normal service life of the fridge?

The service life of the refrigerator is the duration of its operation up to the moment of the state that leads to the loss of operability.

The service life of the refrigerator is how long the refrigerator can work. The fridge can serve for 15-20 years and during this time it will keep working.  However, the real aging is usually much faster, so the actual period is 5-7 years.

The service life of your appliance is set by the manufacturer.  By the size of this pe-riod, you can indirectly judge the quality of the refrigerator.

For example, recently the so-called “disposable” refrigerators have started to appear on sale more often.  They cost cheap and have a service life of 1 year.  These refrigerators are not repaired.  They don’t work for long.  At breakage of such a refrigerator, they throw out and buy a new one.

How do you know the service life of a fridge?

The service life of the refrigerator is always specified by the manufacturer in the product passport.

After the expiry of the specified period, the owner is responsible for the possible consequences of such an operation.

How do you extend the life of your fridge?

There are a few simple tips that you can follow to extend the life of any fridge at all times.

1. Clean the condenser from dust.

The Refrigerator Service Life Clean the condenser from dust

You probably know it has to be done, but you put it off to the last one.  Right now, take a look and see what’s going on with your fridge condenser.  You’ll probably be amazed at how much dust has already accumulated on it. The condenser needs to be cleaned in time.  It performs an important function of heat exchange and protects the compressor from overheating.

Cleaning the condenser on time helps to extend the life of your fridge by 10, 15, and sometimes even 20 years.  This is what gives the simplest action, which can be performed only once or twice a year (more often if desired).

In old refrigerators, the condenser is located at the back and in new refrigerators at the bottom.  In the second case, you won’t have any trouble cleaning it while you are washing the kitchen floor.  Simply remove the corresponding panel.  To clean the condenser at the back of the fridge, you will have to move it away from the wall.

Before you clean the condenser, it’s best to turn off the fridge.  To avoid damage, use a vacuum cleaner or special brush carefully.

You can use both.  The brush will help remove any dirt that may have entered the fridge.  Remember also to clean the fan.

2.  Fill the fridge correctly.

The Refrigerator Service Life Fill the fridge correctly

The more content in the fridge, the less air is too cold.  You don’t have to stuff the fridge until it’s full.  This will prevent every product you keep in the fridge from being effectively cooled.  Try to distribute the contents evenly over the fridge.

3. Find the right place for the fridge.

The Refrigerator Service Life Find the right place for the fridge

It should be done immediately after the purchase of the fridge, but then it is not too late to move it.  Do not push the fridge into tight niches so as not to interfere with air circulation.

Also, remember that the fridge should not be located near heaters or in direct sunlight.  It should not be placed on the floor with underfloor heating.  Either do not insulate the kitchen floor at all or leave the area for the fridge uncovered.

4.  Keep refrigerator door seal clean.

It is obvious that if the sealer works well, cold air will stay inside the fridge and warm air will not penetrate into the fridge.  The sealer can be cleaned with soap and water.  Avoid aggressive cleaning agents.

The Refrigerator Service Life Keep refrigerator door seal clean

Open the fridge door correctly to ensure that the sealant lasts longer.  To do so, use only the door handle or the special button.  Removing your fingers from the gasket will spoil it.

To check if the sealant is tight, take a piece of paper and press it down with the re-frigerator door closed.  If it falls out or is easily removed, it is obvious that the seal has worn out and it is time to replace it.

It is also very important how you arrange the food inside the fridge. First of all, it doesn’t have to block the drain and fan holes in order to keep the proper temperature in the chamber and to avoid clogging of the impeller.

Another thing about product arrangement is that when you have everything sys-tematized, you spend less time with the fridge door open, as know for sure what stands where.


What is needed to extend the life of the fridge?

  • Defrost the freezer correctly. The fact is, a lot of people cut pieces of ice with a kitchen knife to speed up the process. Such actions cause damage to the inner surface of the freezer. Scratches are formed, on which the ice is formed much earlier than on the undamaged surface. Dirt also accumulates in the scratches, and where the dirt is their bacteria. Another problem can occur when the ice is broken, which can damage the refrigerant channels. This will lead to forced repairs.  As the leakage can lead to gas poisoning.
  • For new refrigerators, it is very important to keep an eye on the condensate drain hole. It has to be kept clean. Water has a detrimental effect on the corroded bypass. This, in turn, will lead to breakage.
  • Clean your appliance from clogs and dust. Dirt must be periodically removed from the evaporator tray behind and below the refrigerator. For this reason, it is advisable to install a refrigerator so that cleaning can be carried out fairly freely. It will also protect the compressor from excessive heat. This in turn will prolong the operation of your fridge. Remember, accumulated dust impairs heat output. This reduces the service life of the parts that are being heated.
  • Power supply, or rather its normal supply, has a significant impact on the refriger-ator. The reason for this is that no electrical appliances will work normally during voltage surges. Moreover, it is harmful for the operation of the refrigerator if the power supply is “jumpy” when there is an alternating complete shutdown and the system is immediately started. Relay and compressor may fail and in this case, the help of a master can not be avoided. Therefore, if there is such a problem, it is better to turn off the refrigerator from the mains. And wait for 10 minutes. During this time, the food will not spoil, and the relay of your fridge will be saved from overloads.

By following these simple rules, you will be able to increase the operating time of your fridge, save your personal time, and avoid calling to the service center.