There is light in the refrigerator: repair the key, replacing light bulb

In modern refrigerators lamps of three types are used – fluorescent, led, halogen. Sooner or later, all the elements fail, that is why it does not make sense to choose the refrigerator according to the type of lamp. It is more important to consider the type and power of the lamp before replacing. In order not to make a mistake, write down the full name of the refrigerator model or go to the store with the removed lamp.

how to replace refrigerator light bulb

Before repairing the light of refrigerator, make sure that the power cable and electric point are working. Check whether the compressor is working: if there is no cold, the problem is not in the bulb. Call the repairman for a comprehensive diagnosis of the refrigerator.

Procedure for replacing the bulb in the refrigerator

  1. Leave the refrigerator without power.
  2. Remove the protective dome lamp. It can be fixed to the body with screws or latches (the latches need to put on under with a flat screwdriver).
  3. Most often, contacts are attached to the dome lamp (the element can be equipped with additional regulators, as on the photo). Disconnect the contacts.
  4. Unscrew the bulb and install a working light bulb.
  5. Do not forget to install the dome lamp into place.

Elementary abidance by rules of operation of the refrigerator will help to extend the service life of the bulb:

  • close the camera doors tightly – if the door is not closed, the light bulb will work longer than the estimated time;
  • wash the inside surface of the refrigerator – dirt on the light switch may cause the deformation of the button.

Replacement and repair of the key of lighting in the refrigerator

refrigerator light bulb replacement

Repair of the key of lighting yourself is viable only if you have no opportunity to invite the repairman of refrigerators to the house or to buy an assembly.

As a rule, in the light switch button the mainspring responsible for fixing the switch in the position on /off fails. The mainspring falls down, and the mechanism becomes unusable. To repair the key, it is necessary to dismantle the element and carefully disassemble it into 2 parts. The body of the key consists of two parts, between which you can see a small joint. With a flat screwdriver put on under the half of the body and separate it. Replace the mainspring and reassemble the key.

Pay your attention that replacement key lighting assembly — a much more profitable and efficient operation. Component repair can help out, but not for a long time.