What threatens the appearance of the error code SY EF on the Frigidaire refrigerator

The Frigidaire refrigerator is in demand among consumers due to its optimal cost and its successful combination with high quality. However, like any other unit, it may show an error code. In such a situation, the owner needs to start troubleshooting, and do it as soon as possible. The most common option is the designation SY EF.

In this situation, we are talking, first of all, about the problem with the evaporator fan motor, which is located directly in the freezer. Probably, the point is precisely in the accumulation of ice, which prevents the rotating mechanism of the blades. The point is a broken door gasket or a restriction in the flow of air mass in the compartment. Along with this, the problem may concern the fan motor or affect the malfunction of the main control board.

SY EF error code on a Frigidaire refrigerator

What is the SY EF error code on a Frigidaire refrigerator?

If this combination is displayed, it means that the evaporative fan in the freezer area has failed. Even if this is the case, the operation will continue. However, there will be a problem that it is not possible to completely cool and reach the set temperature. For this reason, troubleshooting as well as an immediate solution to the problem should be ensured.

It should be noted right away that the evaporator acts as an independent part of the tightness system of the FRIGIDAIRE refrigeration unit. This is the part that is responsible for the release of cold air mass along with the removal of heat from the chamber. It is equipped with a fan to guarantee effective cooling. It supplies cooled air to the freezer.

An important role is also played by the fact that the fan is responsible for the distribution of cold air in absolutely all corners of the freezer. So the products stored inside will receive cold equally throughout the entire volume. In simple terms, a functioning evaporator fan will ensure there are no warm spots in the system.

As already noted, the main problem must be sought in the evaporator fan motor. However, before forming such an assumption, it is necessary to understand whether there is ice in the compartment. As soon as this moment is excluded, you can start troubleshooting the motor, and after that make the transition to the main control board.

Problems in the door gasket

This is perhaps one of the main problems that need to be addressed. The fact is that excessive accumulation of ice near the evaporator can lead to negative consequences. This will cause the ice to harden and prevent the fan from rotating. All this will cause the error code SY EF to occur. Ice buildup can be formed by a defective gasket around the freezer door.

As for the gasket, it is needed to be able to tightly close the door. So, the compartment is able to keep cold air in the system and prevent the leakage of warm air. But if the gasket is faulty and can’t do its intended and immediate job, there’s a chance warm air is leaking into the freezer. So, for example, a foreign object can get stuck on the gasket. It may also be damaged or worn out.

Regardless of the cause of this phenomenon, a problematic gasket will cause frost and ice to form right around the evaporator fan. Actually, this is why the error code SY EF will appear. It’s quite possible to fix it. You just need to look at the condition of the freezer door gasket. This will help ensure that there are no foreign objects. Then it remains to remove and wipe the gasket after it is found.

Problems in the door gasket

The next step is to check the system for wear or damage. If they are found, it will be necessary to remove the gasket and replace it. It will not be difficult to do this, including on your own, because no tools will be needed.

Ice accumulation due to airflow limitation

Along with a problematic gasket, ice can also accumulate around the evaporator due to the fact that the air mass flow is limited. It must be remembered that the fan is responsible for blowing cold air and distributing it throughout the freezer compartment. But assuming there are enough items in the vicinity of the evaporator, the cold air simply won’t be able to move in fast enough to spread to other freezer compartments. As a result, the area around will become extremely cold, causing freezing.

Traditionally, the problem under consideration is formed due to the abundance of objects in the freezer and the lack of enough space between them so that air can pass without any obstruction. This is enough to form the error code SY EF on the screen.

You can not only solve this problem, but even ensure the prevention of its occurrence, if you carefully fold all the products in the freezer. For example, you can arrange all the items in order and make sure that there is space around the containers in which they are stored to ensure the circulation of the air mass. It will also not be difficult to create more space around the evaporator in order to evenly distribute the air mass in the freezer compartment.

Evaporator fan motor problem

The motor is responsible for ensuring that cold air flows directly from the evaporator to the freezer compartment. At the same time, the engine guarantees the distribution of cold air to every corner of the chamber and the full cooling of absolutely all food products that are stored in the compartment. The engine breaks down for two reasons.

It could just be wear and tear. This hypothesis works if the refrigerator is old enough. Indeed, over the years, its motor unit wears out and can no longer perform even standard functions, not to mention additional tasks.

Evaporator fan motor problem

Also, the problem may relate to the fan motor, which may burn out. If any moment forces him to work longer than necessary, it will happen sooner or later. A common example is ice buildup around the blades, which will force the motor to overwork. If this continues for too long, overheating and burnout will occur, the device will fail.

The only available solution to this problem is to replace the fan motor. To do this, you will have to find access to the system and remove the back of the camera. After that, it will be possible to disconnect and remove the motor before installing a new element.

Problem in the main control board

Traditionally, it is nothing more than a printing mechanism responsible for regulating all product options. The board contains a large number of components, and each of them sends electricity and signals to various components of the refrigerator.

In the event of a failure of the main control board, especially those parts that control the motor, the error code in question appears. You need to troubleshoot, but only after you have finished excluding all other items. It is most logical and expedient to purchase a new replacement, which can be quite expensive.

In order to replace the main control board, you will need to search for its case directly in the refrigerator. This usually requires access through the rear panel. Once everything is found, the wiring will detach and be removed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove this error code?
To reset the error code, you must make sure that the motor runs without any problems. Right after that, you can get down to business. It is enough to reboot the device.

How to ensure the system reboot?
You can reset the settings after a power outage. After that, the refrigerator must be left alone for at least one minute, and then reconnect and start the device.

How to remove ice from the freezer compartment?
It is necessary to defrost the system to get rid of the ice that has accumulated inside. To do this, just turn off the device and leave the door in the open position. You can also put a pot of warm water inside the freezer. The steam that comes out of it will melt the ice, and it will be removed in a natural way.