Whirlpool Fridge Freezer troubleshooting

Whirlpool ART 22880 A+SF, Whirlpool Fjord SW8 AM2C XR Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting

What to do if...Possible reasonsSolutions
The control panel is switched off, the appliance does not work.The appliance may be in On/Stand-by mode.Turn the appliance on pressing the On/Stand-by button.
There may be an appliance power supply problem.Check that: there is not a power outage; the plug is properly inserted in the power socket and the mains double-pole switch (if present) is in the correct position (i.e. allows the appliance to be powered); the household electrical system protection devices are efficient; the power cable is not damaged.
The inside light does not work.The light may need to be replace.Models with LED lights: contact the authorised Technical Assistance Service.
The temperature inside the compartments is not low enough.There could be various causes Check that: the doors close properly; the appliance is not installed near a heat source; the set temperature is adequate; the circulation of air through the ventilation of the appliance is ensured.
There is water on the bottom of the refrigerator compartment.The defrost water drain is blocked.Clean the defrosting water drain
The front edge of the appliance, at the door striker seal, is hot.This is not a defect. It prevents condensation from forming.No solution is necessary.
The temperature indicators for the refrigerator compartment are flashing asMalfunction alarmCall the authorized Technical Assistance Service.
The alarm indicates the malfunction of a technical component.

Whirlpool BSNF 8993 PB Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting

ALARM TYPESignalCauseCure
Door open alarmThe acoustical alarm is activated and the Alarm Indicator blinks.The Fridge or Freezer door has remained open for more than 2 minutes.Close the door or press the Stop Alarm button to mute the acoustical alarm.
Temperature alarmThe acoustical alarm is activated and the Alarm Indicator remains on.Inside the Freezer the temperature is not adequatePress the Stop Alarm button ; the acoustical alarm stops, the Alarm Indicator remains on until a temperature < -10°C is reached.
Party Mode alarm Jhe Party Mode Indicator blinks and the acoustical alarm is activated.30 min. elapsed since Party Mode function has been activated. It is time to take out the bottle from the freezerPress the Party Mode button to stop the alarm.
Long black-out alarm The Black Out Alarm icon remains on, the Alarm indicator blinks.Prolonged power failure, able to cause the inside temperature to increase to 0°C.Press the Stop Alarm button; the acoustical alarm stops.
Water filter alarmThe Water filter alarm indicator lit on.Finished the validity of Water filter.Replace the Water filter, press and hold for 3 sec. the Party
Mode button to reset it.
Malfunction3 central LEDs in the Fridge Temperature LEDs blinks on the display.Product malfunction.Contact the After-sales Service.

Whirlpool SW8 AM2C XARL Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting

If there is water in the defrost pan:• This is normal in hot, damp weather. The pan can even be half full. Make sure the appliance is level so that the water does not overflow.
If the edges of the appliance cabinet, which come in contact with the door seal, are warm to the touch:• This is normal in hot weather and when the compressor is running.
If the light does not work:• Have you checked the protection devices and fuses of the electrical system in your home?
• Is the power cable plugged into a live socket with the proper voltage?
• In case the LEDs are broken the user must call the Sen/ice for exchange of the same type available only at our After-sales Sen/ice Centers or authorized dealers.
If the motor seems to run too much:• Motor running time depends on different things: number of door openings, amount of food stored, temperature of the room, setting of the temperature controls.
• Is the condenser (back the appliance) free of dust and fluff?
• Are the door properly closed?
• Are the door seals properly fitted?
• On hot days or if the room is warm, the motor naturally runs longer.
• If the appliance door has been left open for a while or if large amounts of food have been stored, the motor will run longer in order to cool down the interior of the appliance.
If the appliance temperature is too high:• Are the appliance controls correctly set?
• Has a large amount of food been added to the appliance?
• Check that the door is not opened too often.
• Check that the door close properly.
If the doors do not open and close properly:• Check that food packages are not blocking the door.
• Check that the internal parts or automatic ice maker are not out of position.
• Check that the door seals are not dirty or sticky.
• Ensure the appliance is level.

Whirlpool BLF 8121 OX Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting

Door open alarmRefrigerator Light blinks.The door has remained open for more than 3 minutes.Close the door
Door open alarmRefrigerator Light OFF.The door has remained open for more than 4 minutes.
MalfunctionAny temperature indicators blinks.Product malfunction.Contact the After-sales Service