Why is my fridge freezing up at the back: the most useful hacks

A refrigerator that has stopped cooling properly causes a lot of inconveniences. However, the reverse situation, in which the device begins to freeze ice and frost on the back wall, can also bring a lot of problems. Why is this happening?

If at some point you notice that the back of the refrigerator freezes heavily, then most likely there is a cold air leak from the door. In addition, the cause may be hidden in a malfunction of the defrosting system. These and other malfunctions will be discussed in more detail below.

Cold air leakage

Cold air leakage

During normal operation, the back wall of the refrigerator should not freeze. If you find such a nuisance, the first thing to do is to check for leaks. All compartments of the refrigerator must be airtight.

As soon as the tightness has been broken, warm air begins to flow into the refrigerator, where it mixes with cold air. As a result, a layer of frost appears on the back surface.

As the layer grows, the frost gradually turns into ice, which begins to interfere with the normal functioning of the equipment. Most often, warm air begins to enter the refrigerator compartment due to the following reasons:

  • the refrigerator door is not fully closed;
  • the seal is damaged.

In this case, the first step is to check the integrity of the rubber bands on the door. The presence of various damages and deformations indicates that the guess was correct. You need to replace the seal and the refrigerator will start working normally again.

You can replace this element yourself. To do this, simply pull out the worn material and replace it with a new one. After that, check the tightness of the rubber bands. When installed correctly, the problem of freezing ice on the back wall will disappear.

Faulty defrost drain

Faulty defrost drain

There is a small hole in the back of the refrigerator. It performs the function of draining the defrost. This technological solution is designed to quickly remove water from the refrigerator. Also, the defrost drain takes part in the process of automatic defrosting of the refrigerator compartment. This function is activated a couple of times a day. During this cycle, the formed ice and frost melt, and the liquid should go into the drain hole.

But sometimes ice can accumulate in this hole and interfere with the flow of water. The reason for this malfunction lies in the too low temperature of the water, which can turn into a solid ice mass.

At the same time, manufacturers did not provide for equipping defrosting drains with additional heating elements. That is why even a small piece of ice can eventually reach an impressive size and disable the system. In this case, you will see a malfunction only when the back of the refrigerator is already covered with an ice crust.

At the same time, this problem can be dealt with very simply. A container of hot water will come to the rescue. It must be slowly poured into the drain hole until the normal outflow of fluid resumes.

Defrost system failed

Defrost system failed

Modern refrigerators are equipped with a defrost system. It runs one or more times a day to melt excess frost and ice. This system is a combination of two parts. The first is the defrost thermostat. This element is necessary to measure the temperature and maintain an optimal climate. It is he who starts the defrosting system at the moment when the code on the back wall of the refrigerator needs to melt the ice and frost.

The second component is the defrost heater. The mechanism is activated to melt the ice. It is located in the rear sector of the refrigerator compartment.

If the defrosting system does not work correctly, then a lot of ice accumulates on the back of the refrigerator. At the same time, the lack of periodic defrosting exacerbates the situation every day. The cause of such a malfunction lies in the malfunction of the thermostat or heater. A failed thermostat does not send a signal to the defrost system. A broken heating element will not be able to melt anything. At the same time, both of these parts cannot be repaired. If broken, they must be replaced.

You can do the work of replacing faulty parts yourself. To do this, remove all products from the refrigerator. Next, you need to remove the back panel. Often this process is complicated by the presence of an ice crust. Therefore, first carefully break off the formed ice or remove it with hot water.

fridge defrost repair

After removing the panel, you will have unhindered access to the defrost thermostat and heater. It is required to remove the defective part and replace it with a working element. After all repair work, replace the back cover and turn on the refrigerator to check.

Frequently asked Questions

Below is a list of issues that concern the owners of refrigerators.

Is it normal for ice to accumulate on the back of the refrigerator?
A layer of ice on the back wall of the refrigerator compartment may indicate a breakdown of the appliance. The fact is that modern technology is equipped with an automatic defrosting function. It is needed to prevent the accumulation of ice. When the system is operating correctly, no ice crust should appear.

Why does the refrigerator start to freeze on the back wall?
Malfunctions in the automatic defrosting system lead to the formation of ice on the back wall of the refrigerator compartment. When warm air enters, a layer of frost forms. It gradually turns into ice, which forms a thick crust. This process can be stopped by carrying out high-quality and timely repair of household appliances.

How to get rid of the ice crust formed on the back of the refrigerator compartment?
Ice can be removed with a spatula or other handy tool. In this case, you need to act carefully so as not to damage the plastic. If there is a lot of ice accumulated, then you will have to perform defrosting in manual mode. To speed up the process, put a container of hot water in the refrigerator compartment.

How long does it take to manually defrost a refrigerator?
It’s worth being patient. It will take at least eight hours to fully defrost the refrigerator compartment. To do this, turn off the power to household appliances and open the door. You can speed up the process with hot water. In addition, you can use a fan to increase the air flow.
Wipe off any excess water before restarting the refrigerator. Also make sure there is no ice left in the refrigerator compartment.

Is it possible to defrost the refrigerator without turning it off?
There are several reliable methods that can be used to defrost the refrigerator compartment without turning it off. The first option would be to start the defrost mode. To do this, carefully read the user manual, which describes the steps in detail. The steps will vary by manufacturer and specific model.
You can also simply put a pot of hot water in the refrigerator compartment.