Why Samsung Refrigerator Is Not Cooling

All the Samsung appliances are known for their reliability, progressiveness, and perfect design, but even the best if the best sometimes have issues with operating, especially if they don’t get proper maintenance.

One of the possible failures of your Samsung refrigerator after 5-7 years of operating might be connected with cooling. Your device just stops cooling and that’s it. What could cause it, how to fix the issue, and what to do to extend your fridge’s life? We have all answers for you.

What can stop the cooling process?

If the Samsung fridge is not freezing well, an external cause analysis is required to meet the operating requirements.  The output of internal heat to the environment depends on the room temperature and humidity.  The NoFrost system in Samsung appliances was designed to make the unit more tolerant of both temp and wet air.

The most common explanations for your fridge cooling issues are:

  • Wrong temperature settings;
  • Thermoregulator is broken;
  • Evaporator malfunction;
  • A faulty compressor;
  • Failure of the defrost heater;
  • Control unit issues.

Why Samsung Refrigerator Refrigerator evaporator

How to make your fridge start cooling again?

First of all, let’s determine the meaning of the problem. Samsung refrigerators use No Frost condensate drainage system (more often than other brands). This means that cooling of the air in the chambers is done by directional flows of chilled air. The evaporative radiator is placed behind the inner panel and the air is blown by the fan. The humid air removed from the chamber condenses on the battery tubes, turning into hoarfrost. Subsequently, a thin layer of ice is defrosted by the TEN and the condensation is removed. Cold air is circulated in both compartments.

The first steps to be done are:

  1. Check if there is the voltage in the mains by plugging another appliance into the socket.  A break may be in the cord or the contacts in the plug may melt.  But in this case, no indicator light or light bulb on the appliance will light up.
  2. The compressor will not turn on – this is because the motor winding or the starting relay has burned out.  But if the compressor is turned on and knocked out with a loud click within 10 seconds, the motor is faulty.
  3. The engine is running, you hear humming but no cold – check the mains voltage.  A power supply of less than 200 V gives exactly this effect.
  4. If the compressor heats up during operation, you cannot touch it – it’s there.
  5. Freon is out – the compressor will work without stopping, the condenser is not heated.
  6. If the thermostat does not turn on the starting relay, the motor will not turn on.  One of the most common causes is a malfunction of the temperature sensor.  In this case, the light in the chamber is on.
  7. In Samsung refrigerators, electronics failure is a frequent reason why both chambers do not freeze.  If the motor is an inverter motor, the phase voltage fluctuation is the main reason why it breaks down.

It is possible that the lack of freon does not allow the compressor to stop.  But the defrost system is not activated when the cooling circuit is operating.  The evaporator freezes, a noise is heard, a crackle is heard – it is the fan that touches the ice with its blades.

To prevent this situation, the No Frost system refrigerators should be defrosted once a year. While your device is defrosting — check all of its drainage system elements for clogs, clean, and install them back properly.

Temperature sensor malfunction

Why Samsung Refrigerator Is Not Cooling Temperature sensor

It sometimes happens that the freezer keeps the cold well, but does not freeze the chamber. In the new generation of electronically controlled Samsung refrigerators, this may be due to a temperature sensor failure. No signal in the detector — no cold supply.

The upper chamber is not cooling

If the upper chamber in the Samsung refrigerator stops freezing – the reasons may be the following:

  • Damaged door – the chamber will freeze heavily and will be constantly losing cold.
  • The thermostat or temperature sensor is faulty — they send no signals to the con-trol unit, so the cooling process doesn’t start. The opposite situation is also possi-ble — the cooling has started, but no signal to stop it can be reserved. Then even the plus chamber will be frozen.
  • A malfunction in the control board or insufficient power supply.
  • There’s not enough freon liquid. If the compressor is working with a strange sound — you most likely have to just fill more Freon in.

Why Samsung Refrigerator Is Not Cooling Damaged door

Control panel

Why Samsung Refrigerator Is Not Cooling Control board

Another possible reason is the malfunction of the control board, which is one of the two most important elements of your device. In case you checked everything and didn’t find any breakages, the explanation is most likely in the electronics. And this is where you’d better call a professional repairman, who will be able to proceed with a professional diagnostic and repairs or replacement of the unit.