Refrigerator Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Your refrigerator or freezer is not working right? Of course, you might be tempted to make a service call at once. Don’t hurry! Try the expert troubleshooting and repair advice you’ll find here, and there’s every chance you’ll fix your fridge or freezer without someone’s help.

How do I use your guide?

There are two sections:

  • refrigerator and freezer error codes
  • refrigerator and freezer troubleshooting tables

When your appliance gets broken, first check whether it is displaying an error code. The way error codes are displayed vary from one brand to another, so you need to check the list of error codes for your specific refrigerator or freezer. Next to the error code, you’ll see the explanation of possible causes of the malfunction, as well as expert repair advice.

If you don’t see any error code, try to identify the symptom your appliance is experiencing as accurately as possible. Now you’re ready to find the symptom in the list and try the suggested solutions. Also, you’ll learn about the parts that can fix this problem.

When should I try your guide?

Some of the broken refrigerator symptoms that are explained here include:

  • your refrigerator or freezer is noisy
  • the fridge is leaking
  • the fridge won’t start
  • the fridge creates an unpleasant smell
  • ice maker is not making ice
  • fridge too warm
  • light isn’t working

The list above is far from being full, that’s just the most common problems. There are more than 30 other symptoms explained in the Troubleshooting section.

Do you have my make of fridge?

We’ve gathered both the well-known and less popular makes. In addition to such leaders as GE, Frigidaire, Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, and Kenmore, there are also more than 10 smaller, less known brands. This means, that whatever make of refrigerator or freezer you own, you will surely find repair and troubleshooting help here.